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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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My daughter loves her Mickey!


My daughter and son love playing with the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, as they are both avid watchers of the show. These pieces are easy to lose too, and my kids get very upset if they can't find Mickey when they want to play. To avoid the tantrums, I bought two back up sets of the figurines from the Disney store, they are two for ten each so it is definitely worth it. My kids will play with this for hours!



My daughter is still playing with it a year later.


This is a great toy overall. My daughter got it last Christmas and is still playing with it today. She uses for other characters other than the Disney ones that go with it. It can fold up and has a handle for easy transporting. The only downfall is that the slide does not stay on. We even tried super gluing it, but it still came off. I would still have bought it knowing that.

Oklahoma City, OK


Great for kids of many ages.


We bought this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for our two year old for Christmas.  He loves it!  His four year old sister loves it too.  I've even seen their 9 year old brother playing with it. They love to reenact movies and episodes with it.  My two year old.  pushes the buttons on the floor over and over and over again.  He never gets tired of it.  It is great for creative independent play.  It is fun but doesn't do TOO much which encourages them to use their own imaginations. The only negative we've found is keeping the slide and the she shoe on.  The slide especially falls right off.  Now they just play with it without the slide.  Still lots of fun.

Neptune, NJ


We love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


My son was first introducted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse only a while back, and he absolutely loves it. I was searching for gifts to buy him, and I came across this. I knew when I saw it he would absolutely love it, and I was so right. This little toy will keep him entertained and keep his imagination flowing. He loves to push all of the buttons on it. He gets so excited when he hears Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse'.The only down fall to this toy is keeping the slide and shoe on. I see through other reviews others have had the same problem. All in all, it's a fun toy for little ones to play with other than that. For a toy, it does seem on the expensive side, and takes up space, which most toys do. My son does love to feel grown up, and loves to carry it on his own, which he does with ease. I think all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys are worth the money to see your little ones enjoy something you use to when you were a child.

Russellville, KY


My son never tires of this toy


My son was introduced to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show by my mother when he was 1 and he has been hooked ever since.  So when I saw the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy, I knew he would love it.   While it might have been on the pricier side of toys, in my opinion, it was definately worth the money.  The amount of time my son plays with this toy is amazing-he has a lot of toys to choose from but he usually goes for his clubhouse.  He really likes the "hot dog" song at the end of the show, and on the clubhouse you can push the lever over and the song plays-he will get up and do the dance just like Mickey does on the show.  There are different stages you can place Mickey and friends on and they say a phrase when you do so.  He can make Pluto's dog house appear and also make the table pop up.  There is so much interaction with this toy, which is why I think he is so enamored with it.  He will literally sit there for hours playing with the clubhouse, stopping only to eat!  If you have a child who likes watching Mickey mouse Clubhouse, I would highly recommend getting this toy for them-it is so much fun to watch him play and dance!

Salt Lake City, UT


mickey mouse clubhouse-a little pricey but my kid loves it


The slide and shoe fall off easy, but I will glue them on .  My kid loves it, but the talking/interaction is nothing special.  Some of the characters you really have to push on hard in order for them to stay in place.  It takes up a bit of space and can't really be put into a toy box or anything.  My son has 5 or six of the other toys that go with it.

Modesto, CA


Wonderful for the imagination


Grandma picked the perfect christmas toy. The second my daughter unwrapped it, she started playing days and days after. I must admit the slide is poorly constructed because it falls off and the design is horrible. But besides that, she loves playing with it day after day. Even with out the house she'll just play with the characters that she's grown to love from the tv show. If your child enjoys the show, they'll love this set. It is a bit pricey and I wouldn't have been able to afford it. It was worth the money grandma paid.

Astoria, NY


Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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