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Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Activity Pack

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It's an okay toy.


I really wanted to like this toy but I think it's just average. I loved the option of all the activies-you can stack the pieces, match them, match the shapes, lace them and shake them but that's about it. You can't do much beyond that. There's not enough of each color to play tick tac toe or connet 4 type games. I'm not sure why they designed the back of the board they way they did as I don't see a way to play with the "pegs" sticking out. The pieces are hard to keep together and I found myself losing a few over the weeks. I wish it came with a case to keep the pieces together. I also wish there was more direction in the box on what you can do with the board. We ran out of ideas pretty quickly. I do appreciate that the pieces are very durable and heavier plastic--the board is not flimsy or cheesy. It's very high quality and the colors are bright and cheerful. We have plenty of Discovery Toys and love their products!


Greenville, WI


teaches so many different skills! Great toy!


What isn't to love about Discovery Toys giant pegboard? This toy is great! Number one on my list of loves about it, is that the colors are very neutral. They aren't specific for either gender. As a mom of boys and a girl, this is a big selling point for me! The pieces are a good size, made for those little hands to be able to grip and sort. There is truly a ton you can use this toy for. You can start out with colors, and go to counting, hand eye coordination, stacking, building into shapes, sorting, use your imagination! I also love that the pegboard works for older children. If you turn it over the holes where you insert the pegs extend out. You can take rubber bands (doesn't include them) and make different shapes and games with those. I used to love that kind of stuff when I was a kid and can't wait to try it with my own kids. One of the greatest things about Discover Toys is their warranty. If anything happens to this toy, it is exchanged. That simple! The price up front may seem a little higher than your local stores, but really to basically have a life time warranty on a toy is pretty great!


Caldwell, ID


So, so many possibilities!


The Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Activity Pack has so many possibilities for learning and fun!  As a home schooling family this is a tool that we regularly us for a variety of purposes.  This toy is a great way to start kids learning colors by having them sort the brightly colored pegs, they can line them or stack them.  This Giant Pegboard makes beginner patterns easy and fun as well.  This toy is also great for motor skills.  Counting is fun to learn with these bright colorful pegs as well and if your child is a little older this can be a fun toy for teaching simple math skills too!  And just for fun, our kids love to see how high they can build the a tower before it falls!  Not only are these great for learning they are made well, they are sturdy and won't easily break.  Because this toy is well made and has so many possibilities you are definitely getting your monies worth when you purchase it. We love the Discovery Toys Giat Pegboard Activity Pack at our house.


Kansas City, MO


Giant Pegboard...simple and full of fun!


I have recently discovered Discovery Toys and have been very impressed with the quality of their toys! I can't seem to get enough of them! Many of the toys are wonderful for several ages including this Peg Board. My 2 year old son loves this board. We stack the pegs and knock them over. Which leads to an opportunity to teach him to clean up his toys when he's finished! When he's older I'll show stack a few pegs then cover it with a toilet paper roll and have him copy the pattern from memory. Also the new peg board comes with activity cards to extend the playing fun. If you flip the board over you can use rubberbands to create geometric shapes on the back. The silly bands that all the kids are collection now are perfect for the back too! For a toy so simple I love all that you can do with it. It comes in a nice box with a handle and stores nicely and flat. It fits perfectly into our bookshelf! ;)


Damascus, OR


Great item to help with learning colors


When we first received this product my daughter absolutely loved it she couldn't stop taking the pegs out and putting them back in. The pegs are easy to take out and put back in so it isn't a problem for a toddler to use. So I started to ask her pick up the color green peg and then the next color and so on to help her learn colors. It keeps her busy a long time and best of all it sometimes give me free time for myself and the people around you if she decides to play with this toy be herself. I would definitely recommend the youngest a two year old to a preschooler.It is a fun toy to play with a friend. If you decide to get it for a child under one I wouldn't recommend because the pieces the would probably put in there mouth.  A dissadvantage for these toy is you can easily lose the pegs, especially if you decide to take it out of the house which I don't recommend unless you put the pegs in a plastic bag. I would definitely recommend give this as a gift to a child no matter if it was a boy or girl because it is appropriate for both.


Mohegan Lake, NY


This is the learning toy that will grow with your child.


I am so impressed with our purchase of the Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Activity Pack.  There are so many differnt things that you can do with this item! For little ones, they practice eye-hand coordination, stacking, and color recognition. For those a little older, they can sort by 1 or 2 attributes, lace their pegs and practice shape recognition. For the school aged crowd, they can make patterns by shape or by color on the board or by lacing the pegs.  They can also use the back of the board as a geoboard.  These are used in elememtary classrooms to practice pre-algebra concepts.  Geoboard can be successfully used in elementary classrooms and middle school classrooms for great activities.  You can easily find geoboard activity books online to complement this item.   I am so amazed with this toy.  Everytime I think that it might be time to pack it up it keeps supplying new uses for itself.  This toys goes on every trip with us.  Each child gets a turn to play with it and every kid uses it differently depending on thier educational need.  I'd buy this for a gift for a friend or get several for a teacher to use in math centers.  It's a keeeper!


Charlotte, NC


Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Activity Pack

4.3 6