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Get the go go caterpillar


The go go caterpillar is very very cute, but better for an older toddler.  My daughter is 13 months old and loves this toy but is not strong enough to push it down.  Thepoint of the toy is you push it down in the middle which creates it to roll across the floor.  It has bead in the wheels which make sounds that add to the fun.  It rolls best on hardwood floors but does work on carpet.  Mine has shapes instead of letters.   Overall it is very fun and creative but not good for a little one unless you do it for them.  That is the only bad thing I can say aobut it.  My daughter chews on it and throws it around and it still holds up. I think it would be a good toy for a boy or girl, just as long as they can push it down. My dughter puts all her weight and usually falls after she tires to push it off.  My friend has a son who is three and loved it also.  It is reasonable price for the fun it gives a child.

Powell, TN


Discovery Toys Go Go Caterpillar is fun for toddlers!


Discovery Toys has developed the Go Go Caterpillar for children ages 6 months and up. This is a wonderful toy that serves many functions of learning and is offered only by Discovery Toys. The Go Go Caterpillar is a self-propelled toy caterpillar that children push down on to make it go-- the further you push it down, the longer and faster it goes! This aspect of the Go Go Caterpillar is great for getting your baby moving. If they are too young to figure out its operation, parents can push it for their babies and they are able to chase after it or just watch in awe of its movement. In addition to being a great toy for physical activity, Go Go Caterpillar also functions as a tool for numbers and color learning. Like all Discovery Toys, the Go Go Caterpillar is decked out with bright colors that parents can teach to their children, as well as the letters affixed to the caterpillar's segments. These additional features are part of Discovery Toys' goal to incorporate "Layers of Learning" into all of their toys. My daughters both love this toy! My 3 year old will make the caterpillar go and my 9 month old will gladly chase after it. When not in motion, my 9 month old loves to shake it and hear the noises it makes while my daughter can read the letters and talk about the colors. It really is a versatile toy.

Meridian, ID


this go go caterpillar is fun!


the go go caterpillar is very fun for the kids and the bright colors is awesome. . my grandson is two years old and this toy really keeps him busy for hours. this toy follow him almost everywhere we go. the go go makes a rattle noise that infants and toddlers love. you have your abc's , your numbers and the different shapes so this can help your child learn. this toy teaches a child motive skills it's not very noisy and this is a most playful toy for lasting enjoyment. very affordable! it whoosh and whirl go the little rainbow beads and after it gleefully goes the two years old. the caterpillar builds early thinking skills strengthens little muscles and gets kids to moving when the caterpillar zooms across the floor. gently press the caterpillar and watch it goes. parents this toy will have your child mines  and bodies active and will be one of your child favorite toy. have your child energetic!

Columbus, GA




We have had this toy for a few months now and LOVE IT!! All the kids love this toy. It's even fun for adults! My son is 2 years old and when we opened this toy up he played with it for hours. It even went to the grocery store with us.  This is great for babies that are crawling. They can push the caterpillar along the floor. When they are old enough when you push down on the caterpillar it races forward. The beads in the wheels make a pleasant rattling. It's colorful and attractive and doesn't make a ton of loud noise. It encourages kids to be active and run after the caterpillar. It also improves motor skills. I pass this back and forth with my son on the floor. He's come a long way in aiming the caterpillar correctly! There's a 123 and ABC on the caterpillar as well as a few shapes to help them learn. It's our favorite toy. And it's very affordable! You won't regret owning this classic.

Damascus, OR


My son loves to keep up with the catepriller...go, go go


My 6 month old son is starting to crawl and this toy makes moving about so much more fun. We also love the moving beads-easy to make them go for little hands. Cause and effect, gross motor-its a wonderful basic learning toy for any little one on the move!   http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?PURCHASE_STATE=STANDARD&product_id=1341

Racine, WI



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