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Discovery Kids MP3 Player (128 MB)

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Awesome sturdy music player for kids!


The Discovery Kids MP3 Player was bought for my almost 2 year old for Christmas by a friend. It came loaded with a few songs, but we added a whole lot more to it from our children's CDs. Our almost 2 year old daughter had to sleep with it every night for about a week before she could even think about parting from it. The only problem we've had with ours is turning it on. It has a switch in the back "On, Hold, and Off" selections. We turned it to "On" and then pressed the big kid-friendly green button on the front and nothing happened. I think we must have gotten a defective one, but we figured out that we had to press and HOLD the big green button and once it came on, we had to press the big green button one more time to get it to start playing. Even with the sequence, our daughter got the hang of it and can operate it all by herself. She is now almost 4 and this music player is still going strong after a few battery changes. It is very durable and sturdy with a convenient handle for children to lug it around while listening. It has a nice wide base that is very stable when clumsy ones sit it down. The volume dial on top is convenient and is so much fun to turn (but you can slide the switch in the back to "Hold" and it'll keep the volume from being changed). The stop, play, and forward and backward buttons are all very kid-friendly and intuitive so kids really catch on quick. We now have two daughters and they love this music player. They get it going on their own and have little dance parties all by themselves to their favorite songs.



Discovery Kids MP3 Player (128 MB)

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