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Discovery Health National Body Challenge

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Doesn't Feel Like A Diet


Seemed like every time I would watch the Discovery channel, I would see the advertisements about the Discovery Health National Body Challenge. So I decided that I would give it a try. When I first started this program, I found it a little hard to get used to. After reading more about it and really giving it a good effort, it became easier and easier. I found that this was not only a diet, but was really more of a healthier way of eating. After I got used to it, it was not a problem to follow at all. There are lots of great recipes and eating guidelines. I have kept following this program and have since lost a little weight but better than that, I feel so much better now. I eat healthy and feel healthy. Discovery Health National Body Challenge has made a big impact on my life. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone, whether you are wanting to lose a few pounds or you just want to make healthier food choices.



REAL meals for families and adults as well.


I started this diet when I saw it on the Discovery Channel. They advertise it at the beginning of the year when everyone is dieting but you can start anytime. They offer meal planning and shopping lists as well as nutritional information and exercise plans. I thought it was very sensible and the recipes were good! At first we tried the 'adult' version, but with kids some of the more exotic veggies weren't a hit. Then we switched to family friendly recipes and you would be suprised at what my kids are eating! Give it a try! It's free.

Fairmount, GA


Works well and is not a diet but a better way to eat.


This program is a fantastic idea. The website does have a few issues but as long as you get the idea for the program that is all that matters. This is not a diet but rather the way we should be eating to be healthy. This program helps you learn how to eat properly. It includes all the foods that diets tell you not to eat but this program has the foods in the correct porportions. It teaches you to eat in moderation. Once this program becomes second nature it is a good way of life.

Plainfield, IL


Fantastic Idea!


This is a great way for people who need direction in learning to change the way they eat. I believe people can't diet. We have to change the way we eat. Along with exercise. This is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

Random Lake, WI


Discovery Health National Body Challenge

4.8 4