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Discovery Channel Alarm Clock

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You can set your clock by it


This was a gift I received for Christmas and I really like it.  It is an alarm clock sold by Discovery Channel.  That's right, it's just more than a television channel. This alarm gives you the current time which you get to pick your time zone so it can be used anywhere in the US.  You can choose to display the time in standard time or military time.  It also shows you what the inside temperature is, month, date, year and day of the week.  It features a snooze/light button.  The coolest feature is the time projector.  When you push the snooze/light button it also projects the time onto the wall or ceiling (adjustable to choose where you want it projected).  It even has a toggle to put it in focus.  The other option is a button on the back, "always bright".  This keeps the time projected without hitting the snooze/button. It takes two AA batteries and there is also an adapter to plug into the wall.  The adapter is easy to replace if something happens to it (say your cat chews through the wire.  It's not a wire that is connected by the manufacturer, it is a simple plug in or take it.  Easy.  It's also really easy to travel with. Tip: If your cat loves to chew on wires (like mine) and you have replaced your adapter more than once, give up on the adapter and opt for batteries.  For some reason my cat Jasmine only likes the wires next to my bed that go to an alarm clock or radio.  Little punk!

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Discovery Channel Alarm Clock

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