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Discover - Motiva

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Fantastic card which gives me a reward for paying on time!


**I love this card!**  When I first heard about this thru TV ad, I called Discover and asked that my current Discover card be changed to this account.   I love that it pays me one of my finance charges back for paying on time for 6 months. You can use this to pay on your credit card, a direct deposit, a check or one of the rewards on a list by well known companies.  My favorite choices are Chilis and Pizza Hut $50 gift cards.  **Some gift cards you only have to pay $45 to get a $50 card. ** I could never afford Chilis on my own but with a gift card I can afford to treat myself with lunch with the girls at Chilis - or dinner with my family (Pizza). And then a few months ago I got to pick a design for my card - Oh boy - Discover had lots of choices - felt like a kid in a candy store and finally chose a Sun design. Customer service is awesome - I don't have a need to call them.  But when they call me to offer a new financial product - they are polite, not pushy. Finance charge is reasonable.  Decent reward choices. I always recommend this card to friends and strangers! update 6/16/12 ~ card is still great - just terms are changed - still get somethng for paying on time and you don't have to wait 6 months - it is posted every month and I am still getting my Chilis cards - but they have several under their rewards that are awesome deals! Customer Service Customer service is awesome - everytime I have dealt with them they have been nice! Available Rates I love using my Discover card!! interest rates are reasonable & you can get cash back at check out and it is not put under the cash advance interest rate

Bull Shoals, AR


Discover is one of the better credit card companies


Discover has great customer service, I always get a pleseant person to talk too and willing to work with you answer all questions fully.   Never worry if your card gets stolen as they will put a stop to transactions you will receive calls from discover or you call them back.  Statements are easy to read and on the website they have great charts to track where your spending your money. Would be really helpful if you use it as a business card.

Englewood, CO


Great company!


I like Discovercard because the call centers are right here in the U.S. They are always very polite and I have never had a problem. I also can do all my billing online if I choose and view my history.

Marion, IL


Discover - Motiva

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