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Discount Auto Mirrors

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Fantastic Site!


This site, DiscountAutoMirrors.com is absolutely fantastic! When I first checked it out, I was thinking it was not going to work out well. The site looks very basic. The home page doesn't have a lot of options, just some basic information and a single search bar. I gave it a try anyways. I plugged the make and model I was looking for (Ford E 350) along with the specific mirror I needed (driver's side), hit search and it popped right up! My husband had gotten his mirror smashed on his work truck while on a job and I had been searching all over trying to replace it. Since it's a secondary vehicle that he only uses for work, I really didn't want to pay a fortune for it. On DiscountAutoMirrors.com the mirror cost under $25! I couldn't believe it! Also, a big bonus in my book is that they accept PayPal as a payment option! What a great site all around! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a car mirror at a great price!

Southfield, MI


Discount Auto Mirror -- misleading and poor customer service


I ordered online a passenger door mirror for my 2000 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner from Discount Auto Mirrors.  The site seemed very user friendly and easy to navigate when searching for the part.  It asks for the year, make and model of the vehicle and what specific part you are looking for and then brings up a list of the specific items for the vehicle.  When I did the search, it brought up two manual mirror options -- one for the off-road package and one without.  It seemed very matter of fact that since this is the one manual mirror that was listed for the 2000 Toyota Tacoma, that this was the mirror that would work on my truck.  I ordered the mirror and when I received it realized that the manual mirror is only adjustable from the outside, not from the inside like I'm fairly certain is the case on all 2000 Toyota Tacoma trucks.  The box the mirror came in even stated on the box that the mirror was for a 95-97 Toyota.  When I called customer service to tell them that the mirror was not the right mirror for a 2000 Toyota, the lady brought up my order and told me that this was the correct mirror and that it does work for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, but that what I needed to order was a "manual remote" mirror--which they did not have.  I told her that their site was very misleading by bringing up this mirror for a 2000 Toyota when it clearly is not the right mirror for that year of vehicle.  She told me I could return the mirror for a refund but that I would have to pay the cost of shipping the mirror back and would not be credited for the original shipping charges.  I explained to her that I did not feel this was my error, but the fact that they have very misleading information on their site and that I'm fairly certain I am not the first one who has assumed that this is the correct mirror for the vehicle--especially when it is printed right on the box that the mirror is for a 95-97 Toyota.  She insisted that the information they have on the website is accurate and that this mirror does work on a 2000 and that they would not pay for the shipping charges.  I would not order from these people again and would suggest that you do some research and make certain you are getting the right part before ordering anything from them. 

Seattle, WA


Discount Auto Mirrors

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