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Dirt Devil Vision Breeze Vacuum M0

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Dirt Devil Vision Breeze is a Breeze!


We love our new Breeze vac! Ordered specificaly for the wood floors and it's wonderful. Great suction, easy to empty and it's got attachments for all other cleaning needs. The long hose and wand is the best. I have done this twice in 13 years - dropped something down a heat register while cleaning the heat register. This time, my husband was able to use the long wand and hose to retrive the rag I dropped down into the register. (The first item I dropped down is still in another register but it's on his list to go get it with the Breeze!) Seriously this comes with a nice long cord as well for moving from one room to another without having to unplug and plug in again - it's a real time and energy saver. No need to move furniture, as it's low profile gets under the chairs and sofas. I love it! The hook to wrap the cord broke, and the sent us a replacement within days. The company is great.

Skowhegan, ME


Great vacuum with lots of power for small spaces


I bought this vacuum for a smallish apartment with wooden floors (and small area rugs), and I am very pleased with it.  First, I have to admit I have a strong preferences for bagless canister vacuum, and this one fulfills both criteria. With that in mind, there are many things I like about this vacuum.  It has a powerful motor and picks up everything I need it to pick up.  It rolls very easily behind you so that it's easy to maneuvre around the house, and the fact that it's lightweight makes it easy to pick up and reach higher places.  I find the cord to be long enough to vacuum my whole apartment by replugging into a different outlet only once.  The attachments are handy and work well.  Finally, from other reviews I've read users had concerns about vacuuming rugged areas, and although it's hard work pushing and dragging the attachment over carpeted areas (due to the powerful suction) it does leave the rugs clean.  The only things I would have different is the final attachment should click in place like the top ones do so that it's securely in place, and get rid of the static that sometimes makes dust stick to the outer part of the hose.

Washington, DC


Ok-not a lot of power


This vacuum has some things going for it--it is very lightweight, easy to move for room to room or up/down stairs, and it has several attachments.  It definitely is not a heavyduty vacuum, though.  I used this vacuum to clean my old apartment before moving out, and it was quite a long job.  It worked alright, but it took a lot of going over and over the same areas, and emptying the canister multiple times to get the job done.  If you are going to use this in a very small space, or use it to suppliment a larger vacuum (to keep from having to lug a vacuum up stairs, for instance) then it might be very useful.  I keep mine around to clean out the car.  It's the perfect size to take outside and get into the tight spaces in a vehicle.  I would not be happy with it as more than supplimental, though.  It did not work very well on thicker carpet, and would take a long time to go over a small area.

Knoxville, TN


my Dirt Devil bagless vacuum does the job I need, pretty durable


As long as I've owned my Dirt Devil (bagless) vacuum, it has done a great job, it's a durable vacuum, yet lightweight and as I said "it gets the jobs done" - I've owned a regular Dirt Devil (Royal) and had bags to purchase, but this one is definately way better, I guess because it's bagless and it's filtration, it makes the great vacuum what it is. It seems more high-powered although its 12-amps with wide cleaning and headlight to see what's being vacuumed on the floors.

Huntington Beach, CA


The Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets vacuum is literally the best!


This was the third vacuum that I tried, and none before this one could keep up with me! I always had upright vacuums, and they would overheat and shut off, or weren't powerful enough to keep up with the pet hair! This Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Breeze Canister vacuum works amazing! Its literally like the commercials, where with one stroke you can see the line difference where you vacuumed! The power bar removes easily, allowing you to switch attachments. (upholstry brush, bare floor brush). The filter is easy to clean as well. It also has a strap so you can "wear" the vacuum enabling you to reach the hard to reach places! I highly recommend this product!!

New York, NY


Dirt Devil Vision Breeze Vacuum-M082500 Vacuum is the best


This is one of the best lightweight vacuums that I have ever purchased. It has the power of a larger vacuum and cleans up anything that you put out there. I have two small dogs and with some of their fur sticking to the furniture and car seats, it can be frustrating trying to vacuum it all off. This little Dirt Devill saves a lot of time and takes it right out without all the Blood, Sweat and Tears. The Little Dirt Devil can vacuum the carpet in your car, just like the ones at the car washes that you use, and I, personally, think that it does it better. Plus you have the extra parts that help you clean the rest of your car. And as I saiid before, it is lightweight and won't break your back.

Lake Crystal, MN


Dirt Devil Vision Breeze Vacuum M0

4.5 6