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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Accucharge Cordless 15.6 Volt Bagless Stick Vacuum BD20035RED

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Does the Job


This vacuum did not live up to my high expectations of a Dirt Devil vacuum. While it is a good vacuum and picks up a fair amount from carpets and hard floors, hair seemed to get trapped in the bottom of it. It works well as long as you clean it out before and after each use. It is light and easy to maneuver.



Light weight vacuum with good suction.


I purchased one of these and then purchased another! Great little vacuum. Very good on low pile carpet and bare floors. Maneuverability It is light weight, but not so much that is doesn't do the job. Ease of Maintenance So far I have had the two of these vacuums for over a year, and haven't had any problems. Suction Performance Great to date. Cannot complain. I wouldn't say it would be very good picking up a bucket of sand, but for quick clean ups it would be pretty difficult to beat this machine. Versatility Good on low pile rug and bare floors. Design The head attaches to the main body with plastic parts and the little plastic catchy things that fit into holes to attach the two pieces together broke on one of the vacuums. I have figured out a way to hold it together, but I would say that set up was a design flaw. I contacted the company before the warrantee was out, but there isn't anyone where I live to do the work for them. I kind of just gave up as I figured I would find a way to fix it. Durability See Design comment for comments on Durability.

Napoleon, MI


Not what I was hoping for


I was very excited when I bought my Dirt Devil Bagless Stick Vacuum it had great reviews so I really was expecting a great little vacuum. I hate to say I was disappointed with it, it really is not a bad little vacuum but I was just hoping for more. I love that I can use this vacuum on the carpet and while it does not pick up everytrhing that my full size vacuum will I do grab it out for some quick pickups inbetween giving my floor a good vacumming  with my bigger sweeper. I really bought this for my hard floor since I hate a broom and dustpan and I have three kids and a messy husband so it seems as though I am constantly sweeping up something all day long! I am not trying to sweep up anything but crumbs and such but I feel like I have to sweep over everything several times before it actually picks up the debris. It does have some good things about it though, the battery life seems to be very long I do not use it at one time though to sweep my entire house with! I love that  it is bagless and no pads to replace which is great. I would have to say this is just another average stick broom in my book!



Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Accucharge Cordless 15.6 Volt Bagless Stick Vacuum BD20035RED

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