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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Vac+Dust Cordless Stick Vac with Swipes

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Great new product from Dirt Devil!


Dirt Devil sent me an email about this new product they had just brought out - a stick vacuum, cordless, bagless, with a Swipes dustmop attached. I have new hardwood floors, and guess I didn't realize how hard it would be to keep the dust at bay. Seemed like I just had to wait for the sun to come out to see a whole new collection of dust, pet hair, and dust bunnies blowing around like tumbleweeds. This new product from Dirt Devil addresses all my problems - the dustmop attachment picks up dust and hair, while the vacuum sucks in everything in its path, including leaves and bits of mud that come in on my dogs' fur. It's lightweight, too! The only issues I have with this nice little item are one - could NOT figure out if it had included a charger until I found it inside the canister, and two - it doesn't hold a charge for my entire house, seems to die just before I get through with all the hardwoods, then has to be recharged, which takes a while. However, I can live with that for the convenience of being able to run it over the floor whenever I spot dust. Maneuverability Lightweight and easy to lift. The head swivels, so you can get into the corners nicely. Ease of Maintenance Easy to empty! Just plugs in to charge, no need for batteries. Suction Performance Picks up leaves and bits of mud that fall off my dog's fur. Versatility I use it on all my floors, not just the hardwoods. Works great on the tile, too! Design Just wish the battery lasted for the whole house and didn't die just before I get finished.

Austin, TX


Dirt Devil Vac+Dust Cordless Stick Vac with Swipes

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