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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Ultra MVP Vacuum

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Save your money for a quality, baggless vac


This was the very first vacuum I got when I moved out. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money. After two years of buying (expensive!) bags and all the hassle of emptying and replacing them, I wish I would have just gotten a Dyson right from the beginning. This machine was VERY loud as well, which is just annoying, especially when you live in a small apartment. It did an alright job of picking up dirt, but now that I have something to compare it to, I can tell that my new Dyson is so much better at picking up dirt, hair, cheerios, etc. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality machine. "You get what you pay for" certainly applies to vacuums. A good machine will last you for many, many years, rather than having to buy one every 3-4 years.


Eugene, OR


I love my Dirt Devil MVP vacuum, it works wonders on my carpet.


I have been using my Dirt Devil MVP vacuum cleaner for three months now and it picks up all the dirt and food that my one and two year old children leave behind. I really like using it in my van, because it makes it easier to vacuum, unlike those at a car wash. I have already mentioned the Dirt Devil MVP to my mother and a few more friends. Infact, I let one of my friends borrow my MVP and she liked it so much that she went out and bought herself one.  The Dirt Devil MVP is a great product, built by a great company. I would not trade mine for anything. The price, the model, the name brand and the style, and the commercial I saw on television are what drawn me into wanting to try the Dirt Devil MVP. Anything by Dirt Devil is a good product. If it were not a good brand, it would not have been out for so many years.  My mother has a set of two staircases in her home, one with carpet, one with out carpet, somtimes I take my Dirt Devil MVP over so I can vacuum them for her. It is so quick and easy with this vacuum cleaner, because of all attachments that are included and the easy mobility of this machine, it is also very light weight.


Bassett, VA


The Dirt Devil MVP Vacuum will pick up the dirt.


I've never had any problems with any of the Dirt Devil Products.  The Dirt Devil MVP Vacuum will pick up the mess without having to go back and forth over sweep and you can rest assured this vacuum got it.  Got pet hairs?  No problem.  I don't like wasting my time going over and over an area because the vacuum is too weak.  And it's not as heavy as it looks-  too heavy means cumbersome and too much energy won't even break a sweat!


Port Orchard, WA




i have used the dirt devil mvp,it is an incredible machine. i go over areas once and i'm amazed at what it picks up, i have a small apartment so the size is perfect, it's lightweight and stores easily, my apartment is very dusty, but with this vacuum i have no problem with dirt or dust blowing up, it has a great filtration system,and you can;t beat the cost.


Walton, NY


The dirt devil vacuum works well for about eight months.


The dirtdevil works great for about 8 months. It seems to start falling apart about that time. I do like the no bag feature. I am gettingn sick of buying vacuums but the others are so expensive that I never have enough money at the time.


Portland, OR


Dirt Devil MVP does a full scale heavy duty cleaning.


MVP dirt devil stands at a comfortable height for easy moving back and forth.  The long cord allows you to move to many rooms without unplugging and replugging it.  The adjustment for carpet height is easy to use with a tap of your foot.  The on/off switch is at the top by the handle. The sucking power is especially strong and does a wonderful cleaning job.  The front panel pops off and the  large capacity, long bag is easily removable and just as easy to put on the new one.  A great buy for the price.


Grand Rapids, MI


Dirt Devil Ultra MVP Vacuum

4.0 6