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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vacuum

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The worst Vacuum ever


I was looking for a great vacuum and I did not find it here. I had problems pushing it because of the swivel wheels, they wanted to go everywhere but where you wanted it to go and the vacuum kept breaking the belts on me. I would go through 3 belts or so every 2 weeks. I called the company to see if I could get it resolved but they were of no help AT ALL. I would not recommend this to anybody.

Paris, TX


Dirt Devil Swivel: Powerful, Versatile but Too Heavy For Me


**Dirt Devil Swivel Upright Vacuum** Excuse me while I rub my aching back! I'll start off by saying that perhaps I am spoiled by my light weight Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner.  This past week I was blessed to stay in a home a few steps from the ocean, with beautiful views and charming decor.  The beach house and the trip were awesome so I am not here to complain but I did notice that when it comes to appliances, perhaps there really is "no place like home."  I have a few grunts to share about this vacuum, a blender and dryer.  Even though I don't own this vacuum, with tracked in sand and popcorn parties, I used this Dirt Devil Swivel daily and this morning vacuumed a four bedroom, three story house with it so I feel I am intimate enough to kiss and tell with this vacuum cleaner. **The Dirt Devil Swivel Vacuum:** The good news is that this vacuum has a 15 inch wide head, 7 floor type modes, a 12 amp. motor and a four layer allergen filter system. The bad news is that it too heavy - supposedly 18.2 lbs. The home I vacuumed with the Dirt Devil Swivel did in fact have plush carpet, linoleum, hardwoods and area rugs.  The Dirt Devil Swivel was powerful. There's no complaint there.  Even though it has 7 modes, it wasn't all that easy to manipulate the dial from one mode to another.  The 15 inch wide vacuum is a blessing in wide open areas but a great hindrance between furniture and walls and on stairs. **My Viewpoint:  **I am a healthy and strong woman  but this vacuum was absolutely too cumbersome and heavy for me.  If you're vacuuming on one level, without stairs and and have lots of open floor space, it maybe for you. If you want a great arm work out while you vacuum, this may be for you as well.  For me, the benefits of the Dirt Devil Swivel were really "outweighed" here.  

Big Island, VA


The Dirt Devil Vision is a quality vacuum


The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing my vacuum is the fact that I dont have to buy the vacuum cleaner bags. It has the dirt compartment that you just empty when it gets full. In the past I have had vacuums that I could no longer used because the store did not carry the type on vacuum bag any longer. I dont have to worry about buying bags or the bag busting inside the vacuum and ruining it. The Dirt Devil Vision has the main vaccuum and  has two other tools conveniently attached , an individual hose and a handy power brush. I can vaccum inside my furniture with the hose and the brush helps vaccumm thick items deep down with a brush over . It is not very heavy so it's easy to push around when vacuuming. It is not necessary to vacuum over the same spots because it has alot of pressure and the floor vacuumed clean the first run over. I bought it at a reasonable price and it has lasted almost two years with no problems. 

Los Angeles, CA


i love my dirt devil swivel glide


i bought this Dirt Devilswivel glide vacuum a couple of months ago and it does a very good job. i used to have a bagless cyclonic dirt devil and it was a piece of junk . i went back to using a bagged vacuum because you do not have to spend a ton of money buying new filters like you do for the bagless type models . i really don't need to see my dirt spinning in my vacuum .

Kansas City, KS


wouldn't have bought this if I had used it for awhile first


After seeing the commercials showing the swivel wheels, I thought how great that would be because of the "flexibility" of corners, etc. After a short time, I realized it was a wrong purchase, the motor has become so loud, the dog always runs away. The levels of vacuuming don't match the rug levels like they are supposed to. I guess the most important feature I don't like is the bagless feature, it doesn't save time, it takes MORE time to empty. After you take the cylinder out of the body part, you undo the lid, pull out the center filter, only to be greeted by a filter, completely encassed in the dog hair, then you have to take the circular filter out in the back yard and tap it for quite a long time, to get the dust, etc. out so you can reinsert into the plastic case, screw on the cap and slip it back into the machine. A lot more work and messier than bags ever were!!

Buckley, WA


Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vacuum

2.6 5