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Dirt Devil
SE 2850X
Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber MSE2850X

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Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber left spots in its wake


Have I mentioned before in reviews that I have children? In case you missed it I have three little ones currently under the age of 6. The can be interpreted to say we often have spots and spills around this house. Not to mention the unmentionable potty accidents that can occur pretty much anywhere in the house. After a long spell of accidents I set out to find some sort of cleaner to pull some the remnants of goo and grunge out of the fabrics. A friend was nice enough to loan us the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber so we could work on the pesky spots. Overall it did alright, but I have to say I was not terribly impressed with the Spot Scrubber. The scrub brush didn't seem to be stiff enough to get down into the fabrics and the suction was minimal to get the water/soap back out. Maneuverability The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber is the size of a handheld vacuum - but just a little heavier. This makes it great for getting up on furniture and beds. If I had carpeted steps it would be easy to clean them with the Spot Scrubber. The one thing I didn't like about the maneuvering is the base, located behind the scrubber, is even with the brush, which makes it smear soap all over the base. Ease of Maintenance In order to clean the Spot Scrubber, all you have to do is take remove the holding canisters and empty them. Once they are empty, I would assume you could just swish it with water, though I have not yet done this. Suction Performance I'm going to update this to suction and cleaning performance. At first I just put water in the top squirt container since I had sprayed cleaner directly on the surface. I ran the Spot Scrubber over and it seemed like it just twirled the brush around and didn't really do anything. With the suction in front of the brush, I felt like it was sucking (or attempting to anyway) up the solution before it was working the solution into the fabric, defeating the purpose. Versatility The Spot Scrubber has two modes; suction only and suction with the scrubber. Since it is so small the vac can handle many different places that a larger steam cleaner make not be able to get to. Design The Spot Scrubber is a handheld vacuum design making it nice and compact. It is set up with a circular scrub-brush underneath that spins when you turn it on. At the top there is a compartment for either a cleaner or water. Our friend brought a bottle of Dirt Devil Cleaner when she dropped it off so, I would assume that came with it. The liquid is then dispensed with a trigger located on the top. It sprays pretty even. You then push the scrubber toward where you sprayed. Unfortunately the suction portion is in front of the brush so the liquid gets sucked up before it gets scrubbed. Having said that, it's important to note that as you're pushing the scrubber towards the liquid, the base gets soap all over it, so it has to be cleaned off before you can set it on anything else. I had several areas to clean including stains and mattresses and I didn't feel like any of them came out much cleaner. Durability It has been kicked around by my kids several times and seems to hold up just fine to that.

Lansing, MI


Great For Pet Accidents


I have found my Dirt Devil Spot Cleaner to be extremely valuable and time saving. It works great at cleaning up pet stains and soiled carpet. The other day I had an oily footprint by the front door and I used the machine to get the stain completely out in very little time. It has a super long cord, there should be anywhere in your home you can't get to with this cleaner. It weights about 5lbs I believe so it isn't extremely heave. I just set it on the spot and run it over it a couple times, sometimes ill just leave it sitting on the spot for a minute or two. If I could change anything with this product it would be the design of the sprayer on it, you have to manually pump it out with the trigger and the holding tank for the cleaner is very small. I can usually clean 3 stains before I have to refill the resevoir with cleaner. The canister that holds the dirty water will hold a good amount of water before you need to empty it, I could use the cleaner 6 or 7 times before I need to empty the canister. It is alittle loud, almost as loud as a regular vacuum but I don't mind that just tells me it is working as hard as a big vacuum. Overall a good product to have around, and a must for any pet owner!

Morehead, KY


Great little vacuum!


Since I tend to use my handheld vacuums for cleaning up cat litter, I go through them quickly. But luckily, this Dirt Devil has lasted long enough for me to get my money's worth and then some since it's still trucking! The cat litter combined with my long hair are not kind to vacuums, but this one is still working, so I would recommend it to any friends or family who are looking for an easy and portable vacuuming solution. It does fit into small corners and it works well on many different surfaces (carpet, tile or wood). I recommend it for anyone looking to supplement a larger vacuum cleaner, but I would not use it as a vacuum replacement since honestly, it is not very strong and would not work for more than a spill or cleanup here or there. Dirt Devil is a great brand and I have been purchasing and using their products for many years. This handheld vacuum does not disappoint me and does its cleanup job well. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to drag a big vacuum out for little messes!

Houston, TX


The Dirt Devil Handheld is great for stairs and pet hair.


The Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum is great for cleaning the stairs and pet hair.  It is so lightweight and easy to use and the suction is out of this world.  It sure beats carrying the heavier canister models up and down the stairs.  It is not so loud in operation either.  I really like mine.  The cord is long enough to go up and down stairs and you can use it on throw rugs too.  Dirt Devil has a good  reputation for vacuuming and cleaning and you will not be disapointed.

West Point, IA


excellent vacuum love the cannister technology


The Dirt Devil line now includes canister vacuums. The Dirt Devil Vision Canister vacuum uses bagless technology. It is operated by a 12-amp motor with fingertip controls for varying speed and suction. For the pet owner it has a Turbo Tool that gets rid of pet hair easily and has a Universal HEPA Filtration system that traps most allergens. Weighing in at just 11 pounds, this small, versatile canister vacuum, works perfectly for all surfaces. Use it for your hard surfaces or your carpet. The Vision comes with a floor tool that automatically brings the packed in dirt to the surface to be removed more easily and completely. It also has a number of very useful attachments for cleaning in crevices, cracks of chairs and couches, as well as, upholstery and stairs. It's the perfect all-in-one vacuum cleaner. A 6 foot stretch hose lets you reach out of the way spots and the 20-foot auto rewind cord gives you plenty of maneuverability. The dirt cup is easy to remove and clean and the wheels are designed not to mar the floor. This Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty.

Lockport, NY


Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber MSE2850X

3.4 5