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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor

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Good Vaccum


Dirt Devil Platinum Force Vaccum is excellant. The vaccum cleans carpet without harming the floor. The bagless is convenient to disgard the dirt fast without the the hassel. The filters are a little bit on the higher expense end of vaccum filters. But you get what you pay for. The vaccum is rather light weight and easy to manuver on the floor for those odd angel angels. The vuccum works great on rugs also with out trying to suck up the rug in the process of cleaning. I would reccomend this rug over the newer brands. Dirt Devil has been out for a long time. The hose and brush are also sturdy and easy to work with. The switches are also easy to turn on and off. The vaccum is also easy to push compared to others I have used in the past.


Owensboro, KY


I wish this dirt devil had better suction


I have been using this vacuum for about a year.  The bagless canister fills up so fast and the filter gets over clogged.  there is no easy clean up of this filter.  I take it to the garbage and empty it but have to keep tapping the filter to try to clean it out before returning for use.  I still don't feel it is clean enough, but I run out of time and options.  There isn't enough suction when using the hose.  I don't like the hose attachment either.  I have a house full of wood floors and I don't find this vacuum to efficiently and effectively clean these floors.  It does have these wheels on the back that spin which makes ease of turning.  I do think this vacuum is very heavy.  I have a family of 6, so there is alot of traffice on my floors.  I also have a cat, which is very fine hair that just doesn't always come clean.  The hose isn't long enough for hard to reach spots.  Overall, I don't feel satisfied with this particular vacuum.  I would perfer a Dyson anyday over this DirtDevil.


Loveland, OH


Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor

2.5 2