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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer

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Works Great


I bought this machine used on Offerup & it works great even as a used machine. It's super easy to work & left my cream colored carpet looking like new.


Irvine CA


Deep clean perfection


The "Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer", the name doesn't lie and tells you just exactly what it was built to do. It's really almost literally featherlite and very easy to maneuver around the room. With other vacuum cleaners you often have to lift up the vacuum and reposition it as you go around the room. This thing just glides through easily. It also does an excelent job at deep cleaning and shampooing your carpets. You notice it right away that the carpets color just seems brighter and cleaner and definitely smells that way. It's as easy to use as it looks, has a very simple looking design and very easy to clean. It's also got a fairly small profile and easy to store away. This is definitely one of the better vacuums in the market.


Oakland, CA


Cleans well while being easy to use and maneuver.


The Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer was a gift to me.  It keeps on giving!  It is powerful and deep cleans.  It is amazing for such a small machine.  It is the size of an upright vacuum but it has some powerful suction.  It seems more like a steam cleaner than a shampooer since it releases hot water mixed with cleaning solution, then sucks it back up along with any dirt and most of the water.  It cleans very effectively and does not use a lot of cleaning solution.  Cleaning solution for this machine is available at Wal-Mart for a reasonble price so you won't go broke cleaning the carpet. The Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer is easy to use and to move around.  You won't dread pulling out this carpet cleaner!  This machine enables you to quickly clean your carpets and it extracts so much of the liquid used that the carpet dries in record time! The machine itself is easy to clean out after you have finished cleaning the carpet.  Simply rinse out the reservoir and put it back on the cleaner until next time.  It even stores efficiently since it is upright.


Boiling Springs, SC


Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer

5.0 3