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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless Vacuum MO85845

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Featherlite is right!


I love this vacuum! It was recommended in a product review I had read, and I was in the market for a lighter replacement for my old Eureka upright, so I bought this little guy. Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I used it on my old (apparently FILTHY) carpets! Its bagless dirt compartment was crammed full of dirt and dust that my old vacuum had been leaving behind. It is so lightweight and easy to handle, and it's very easy too to use the tools for my furniture, etc. I could not be happier with this new vacuum. I just finished a renovation project to replace all the flooring in my house, and now have only two small rooms with carpet, but this little Dirt Devil gets out all the dirt my grandchildren leave in their room and picks up dog fur, leaves, etc., on the hardwood and tile flooring as well. I don't have a lot of upper-body strength, and its light weight and easy maneuverability make it (almost) a pleasure to use. Ease of Maintenance Never had a bagless vacuum before and I'm not crazy about the mess when I empty it, but there's no denying it works well and is easy to use, so I'll live with it. Design Again, not so in love with bagless, but it's livable. Durability I've had it a year now and it still works like it's brand new.

Austin, TX


Dirt Devil Vacuum


I love how light weight this little vacuum is. I can carry it with one hand to each room. It's also very good on picking up pet hair, and I, also, have used it on my hardwood floors. It's easy to maintain and so small it fits into a closet without any problems

Palmetto, FL


Great cheap vacuum


This product is great for the price. It is pretty easy to maneuver around furniture. I hate having to clean it out because there is always clumps stuck in there so I have to use my hands which is kind of pointless for a bagless vacuum. The cord is a nice length I can vacuum half my apartment before having to move to other side. For some reason the height knob is backwards on mine took a little bit to figure it out but now we know so its not a problem. Works great as a quick run thru on tile floors also

Hopewell, VA


Its Loud but boy does it Work


Found a great deal on this and since my old vacume was purchased in 2001 thought it might be time to get a new one. Not only was the price really good on this but the POWER is fantastic!! I have a dark navy blue rug in my dining room that always looked gray at the corners due to it being my cats favorite sleeping spots. We vacumed it all the time and it never came 100 percent clean. We even tried deep cleaning and then applying scotch guard to see it that would help. It didn't. One cleaning with this new Dirt Devil and the carpet looks like new!! We can even tell where under that table legs how dirty it really was compaired to how clean it is now that we used this new Dirt Devil. The only complaint (and reason I only gave 4 out of the 5 stars) is that it is LOUD. I mean airport/rockconcert all the same time loud.

Tampa, FL


Now the upstairs gets vacummed too.


I purchased this vacuum because of the price; I am on a budget and I just needed something to keep my floors decsent. I bought more than I thought I could! The box was extremely easy to carry, and the vacuum assembled and out of the box is even easier. I live in a tri-level home and so having a light vacuum is extremely important, and this is by far the lightest vacuum I have ever handled. I have had it for two years and have had to replace the filter one time and I vacuum a lot of things included rabbit and dog hair. I will say the filter I had to buy for it was half the cost that I paid! I love to use the attachments and get close to the walls and vacuum my furniture. I never have to go over things twice. The only thing I ever had trouble vacuuming up was timothy hay, and now I do not vacuum it up at all because it clogged the extension hose. Oops. After unclogging it, everything worked perfectly again. Recently, the vacuum was giving me trouble. It was very hard to push forward when vacuuming and it kept this up for a couple weeks. I cleane dout the vacuum, made sure nothing was in the belt. Nothing seemed to make it better. It still worked, but was hard to push. Then all of a sudden last week after loading it in the car and letting a friend barrow my vacuum because hers was broken, it was miraculously fixed! Back to being better than ever.

Trenton, OH


Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless Vacuum MO85845

4.2 5