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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagged Vacuum

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Gets the job done! Your basic, everyday vacuum!


This vacuum has done the job for our household over the years. Its easy to maneuver & has a great suction power that picks up almost anything. It doesn't really do good on hard floors & is very hard to clean the stairs with. I like that this vacuum has 3 different attachments that I can use for the hard to reach places, like under the couch or dresser. It even has a brush attachment that I can use to scrub while it lifts & sucks up the dirt. My only other complaint about it is that both wheels recently came unscrewed & we have to constantly keep putting the wheels back on when the screw falls out. I guess this vacuum does depreciate over time. Other than that, this is an all around great vacuum.

Newport News, VA


Dependable vacuum at a reasonable price!


I purchased this vacuum about a year ago. I was low on money, but I needed a dependable vacuum cleaner (mothers are never short on dirt;0). Out of all the ones I looked at, and compared, I decided upon this one... mainly, because of the price. Since that time, I've swept everything from carpet and thick rugs to linoleum, and it has picked up every bit of what I've wanted it to. We had a freak accident of-sorts last night, where a huge picture on my son's bedroom wall fell to the floor, sending glass flying everywhere! Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but we had quite a mess of differing sizes of glass to clean up... which is any cleaner's worst nightmare. We picked up and threw away the larger pieces, but were still left with the ones you hope you never step on in your bare feet. I was convinced, this vacuum would not do this heavy-duty job, but... thankfully... I was wrong! I was in my son's room this morning, and I believe I found ONE teeny-tiny piece of glass. I was pleasantly surprised! I definitely recommend this little powerhouse to anyone on a budget, and even those who are not. The only caveat? I wish it were bagless!



It is so lite and small but the suction is so powerful!


My husband and I got a nice brand vaccuum for our wedding but we quickly noticed that the belt kept breaking and we were tired of using a vaccuum that was so heavy and was taking so much time to keep fixing. We asked for a new vaccuum for christmas and got this new dirt devil lite. We have friends with the same vaccuum who had reccommended it so we were pretty excited to be able to get this. It is incredible light weight which makes it easy to carry around and would be perfect for houses with stairs. It is smaller than average vaccuums and fits nicely even in a small closet. It comes in different colors which is fun and we got a red one which I really like. It has a great handle and is so simple to use. The only thing I wish is that it has a little longer cord because I hate having to unplug it and move and then start again. I would highly reccommend this vaccuum to anyone living in an apartment or home where space is precious.

Rexburg, ID


Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagged Vacuum

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