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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil Express Quick Vacuum

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Dirt Devil Express did work well.


Nice little vacuum for small homes or one or two rooms with carpets. Works well on any nap of carpet. Maneuverability This little vacuum maneuvers well and is great for tight spaces since it is smaller than a regular sized vacuum. Goes around furniture easily and the accessories are easy to access for tight spaces or getting into corners around windows stair case and the bottoms of the doors where dust bunnies collect. Ease of Maintenance Item was east to clean and get the cup out to empty but was a bit tricky to put back in. You also want to make sure the filters aren't plugged with dirt as this does affect performance.. Suction Performance Suction was strong for this size and got down deep in the carpets. Attachments worked well with suction from hose and cleaned well. The hose could of been a bit longer but it is fine for the jobs in the home at hand. Versatility Very versatile for what it can be used for cleaning. Can also be used on a hard wood floor and short carpets to long napped carpets with no problems. Design Nice and sleek design. Durability I had one for years and it had a lot of abuse before it needed to be replaced.




Dirt Devil Express Quick Vac is not worth it!


When we moved into our small apartment, I bought the Dirt Devil Express Quick Vac because of the lower price, the smaller size, and the claim that it works on wood floors as well as carpeted floors. Everytime I use this vacuum, I come so close to cursing! I do not like it! I should replace it, but it is just not in our budget right now. It takes me twice as long as it should to vacuum, and I do not think it does a very good job. Since it's small, the container fills up so quickly; I feel as if I have to empty it every time I use it. It seems to only suck up stuff when I pull it back, but when I push it forward, it doesn't seem to do anything. I've had to roll over the same spot multiple times to pick up a fuzz. I have never had any luck using it on wood floors - it just kind of spreads the dirt all around. I do like how light and easy to maneauver it is, plus the bright green color is fun. I just wish it worked better!


Apopka, FL


Dirt Devil Express Quick Vacuum

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