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Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil 4.8 Volt Scorpion Cordless Hand Vac Model

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Could be more powerful


I bought the Dirt Devil 4.8 Volt Scorpion Cordless Hand Vacuum to make my job cleaning the house easier. Between five kids and a cat, the messes are endless. I definitely thought it would perform better than it does because it's a Dirt Devil, which I have previously owned. This model fell short of my expectations. I like that it's not corded and it's rechargeable. There's nothing I dislike more than plugging in a vacuum every time I go to a different room. The flip suction on it makes cleaning up cat hair much easier. I can get under the furniture on the floor, and I can also flip it upwards and get the hair that is stuck to the bottom sides of the furniture. My only complaint is that it's not very powerful, which means I have to go over the same spot several times to thoroughly clean it. I eventually bought a more advanced, more powerful hand vacuum. My husband and I now use this one in our vehicles. We just keep the charger in the garage so it's convenient to grab and use it. I think it works much better in my vehicle than it does in my house. It's also great at getting those hard to reach places in my vehicle. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum to anyone because there are much better, updated and more powerful versions available.



Good things come in small packages


When I say good things come in small packages, this little vacuum fits in perfect. I always wanted to buy a small vacuum for my car since it's a hassle to use the big vacuums to clean it out. I got this vacuum on sale for a cheap price, which was worth every penny. The suction is pretty strong for a small little thing. I can vacuum my whole car within 10- 15 minutes. I bought this vacuum thinking only of my car. But I use it at home more than the car now. It's a great way to clean the stairs without having to carry a big vacuum with one hand while trying to clean with the other. I also use it when my baby spills something on the floor wether while eating or playing. So now I don't worry about him making a mess because I can take this vacuum out within seconds, clean and put it back in the closet. I love how the front part folds away which makes it even easier to put away. I do recommended this to anyone I know that's looking for a small vacuum.



Dirt Devil 4.8 Volt Scorpion Cordless Hand Vac Model

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