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Dior Pure Poison

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Absolutely SEXY!


Loooove this perfume! It is so sensual and full of beautiful scents! I usually don't buy too many fragrances but I had smelled this one day on a friend and it smelled okay. So I tested it and fell in love! It is a little on the heavy side so I use it lightly. It is definitely a scent that will get you noticed! I love the mixture of different floral/spices it has in it. Also the bottle is very pretty. It is a little pricey, but it is worth it because it lasts a really long time. It also usually comes in a gift set with a few other items such as a makeup bag, body wash and body lotion which compliment the fragrance itself so wonderfully. I would definitely repurchase this and recommend it to others

Chino Hills, CA


Hits you like the proverbial ton of bricks


I was glad to see that some Viewpointers here had a good experience with this stuff. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm one of them. At first I liked the smell of *Poison*--it is sort of dark, heavy, and seductive. However--and maybe this is one of those things where it interacts strangely with my individual skin--after only a little while, the meaningful part of the perfume seems to wear off, and you're left with a half-musky, half-soapy smell. You know what it's like? It's like what old ladies in nursing homes smell like, that's the one. Smells like death. Death wearing clothes she slept in. I had an instant headache. To make matters worse, if you use this stuff while wearing a scarf or any other piece of clothing, it takes more than one wash to launder it out; otherwise it just stays there, tormenting you. So, my recommendation is: definitely try it on before buying it. You will know within half an hour whether you are one of the lucky ones who love it or... well, like me.

Lincoln, NE


Sexy on demand!


My husband just doesn't get enough of me when I am wearing this fragrance. I started using brand name fragrance at age 12 thanks to my mom. No, I didn't get leftovers but rather mom and dad bought me my own fragrances, I actually don't wear the same thing as mom and vice-versa, but we do agree that you have to stay within certain brands to smell classy and not cheap... Once I put one Dior Pure Poison, I feel super sexy, seductive and I get lots of compliments from random women and men. It smells flowery buut in an excellent, classy and modern way. I guess I am irresistible once I put it on. It also gives a boost of self-confidence to whomever wears it.

Warren, MI


Dior Pure Poison

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