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Dimplex Compact Heater

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Fireplace Stove Electric Portable Space Heater


We were very pleased with this heater in the beginning. We have owned it for 3 years. The heater blows out a good amount of heat on the high setting. The flames give the room a warm, comfortable feeling. The heater gives the room the extra warmth on cooler nights. Performance For two years the heater worked very well. It took the morning chill out of the room quickly. Ease of Use Heater is very easy to setup. Just remove from the box and anchor the legs and plug in and use. The settings are simple to adjust. Design Heater is nice and has a real fireplace look. The exterior is easy to keep dust free. Safety For two years we had no problems, but this past winter we noticed a burning smell from the heater and the outlet was hot. My husband had to replace the electrical receptacle. We have been closely monitoring the heater and have had no further problems. We have been running the heat on a low temperature setting instead of high.



Good little stove


It does put out the heat and keeps our room warm enough that the wall heat can stay on low. We like it and fits with our decore Performance So far it has done what it said it should. It heats up quite good and stays steady Ease of Use So easy to use and you really dont have to worry about it to much Durability It is holding up well since we have been useing it alot for it has been cold here and i dont like to be cold. Design It is so cute and fits in well with our things, Safety So far i trust it to be ok. I do turn it off at night when we retire but it would probabley be ok to leave it on

San Antonio, TX


I love this heater!!


My mother bought me the Dimplex CS3311 heater for Christmas last year, and it has been one of the best, and most used gifts I've ever gotten.  I love that the heater looks like a real fire.  It makes cold nights seem very cozy.  You also have the option to turn the heat off and just have the fire going which is really nice during the warmer months.  During the winter, you can turn the heat portion on and adjust it.  You can turn the heat down a bit. It puts out a lot of heat as well.  I have the heater in my basement which is about 400 square feet, and it warms it up nicely.  One thing that I was pleasantly surprised by is that the heater does not get hot on the outside.  Having two small kids, I was a little worried at first that the heater would get hot enough to burn them, but it stays nice and cool on the outside, so no matter where they touch the heater, they won't get burned. My heater also came with a remote which I love.  When I get warm enough, I don't even have to get up and turn the heater off.  The remote starter is very convenient.   I use this heater all the time in the winter.  My basement would be really chilly without it.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone!  I love mine!  

Bellevue, NE


This little heater adds charm and heat to any room.


Dimplex has several varieties of these cute little room heating electric stoves. We chose the cheaper one because the  plexiglass door to the faux fire  does not open, whereas the other models the door does open. ( We have curious little grandchildren who are just at the crawling stage and don't need an inviting hazard)  This heater has three settings: The Heatless fake fire, which is very pretty and really does look like real flames plus two heating settings, high and low.   The heat comes from bottom of the unit and has a fan to flow the heat into the room.  Althought it takes a while to warm up the whole area, this little heater keeps our 14 by 28 foot living room/dining room area comfortably warm on these chilly December nights. Another great feature for those with small children is that the back and sides of the heater get warm but not hot.

El Cajon, CA


Looks Just like a real wood burning stove!


  Looks Just like a real wood burning stove. Never needs cleaning, or striking a match. Have all the comfort of a real fire w/the only difference is it's electric. 80% faster installation. Never spend a dime on wood, just a small percentage of your electric bill. Don't worry about smoke stains ever. With the small convenient size This toasty heater fits in the corner of any room.  

Saint Paul Park, MN


Id be wary of this product for fire hazard


Bought a dimplex electric stove for my Mother about three years ago.  She recently called me to tell me she smelled something burning in her house.  When I checked it out I discovered the remote receiver that plugs into the wall outlet was badly melted.  (not caused by a loose connection).  I'd be very leery of this product.  I understand they have had problems with other models as well.

Buffalo, NY


This little space heater did the job and kept us comfortable


I admit that I was looking for room ethetics rather than actual performance.  Well recently our furnice in the apartment building went on the fritz.  This little space heater did the job and kept us comfortable in the Living Room for the next couple of days until the repairs were completed.  My landlady saw it and gave us some old coal and wood stove tools that we now use as embelishments around the heater. I've even gone so far as to create a quick and easy brick hearth using thin patio brick and simple wood framing to match the flooring in the room.  If you're going to own a heater, it may as well be nice to look at.

New York, NY


A very pleasing way to heat any room.


We bought this heater last year to heat a  enclosed sunroom that is not vented with central heat. It takes a bit of time to warm up the space, but keeps the room at a good temperature. The fire is a great bonus and our kids love it! It is compact enough that I can move it into another room if we need an extra heater and I really like the feature that allows you to turn off the heat portion and just have the fire!

Red Oak, TX


Dimplex Compact Heater

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