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Diet Dots
Diet  Dots Appetite Suppressant

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Does help suppress appetite


This product does help to supress the appetite but you have to take them as directed and in the quanities specified on the box. A box of these doesn't go very far. You have to take 3 before every meal. They did help to curb some of my cravings. I would tell people to try these first. They are inexpensive and might work for you.


Lancaster, KY


don't try this product


Diet Dots are a diety supplement. Diet Dots are an appetite suppresant that increases energy and boosts metabolism. There are 24 mini dot like tablets in each box. There are 8 separate individual packs with 3 dots in each pack. Diet Dots have 150 mg of Vitami B12, Acai Berry (Euterpe Oleracea) extract, Citrus Aurantium (fruit) Extract (10%Synephrine). When I saw the word Synephrine I automatically thought about Ephedrine the banned substance that used to be in diet supplements that was so controversial. I did some researh and found that Synephrine is Ephedrine under a differnt name. Side effects ca be rapid heart beat and possibly stroke. It is not worth it to take this product. I threw away the box I purchased. I had only tried the first 3 Diet Dots and I should not have without reading more. I was really nervous so I rank a lot of water. I did feel jittery a few hours later but that could have just been nerves. Diet Dots are too risky. So I write this review to save someone from wasting their money and possibly causing harm to their body.


Roanoke, VA


Diet Dots Appetite Suppressant

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