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Didymos Waves

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Fantastic first woven wrap! or only woven!


The didymos waves was my first woven wrap! If you're reading this review, you're obviously interested in woven wraps or wrapping in general and hopefully know all about the benefits of babywearing and looking for carriers that are comfortable and safe for both mom (or dad!) and baby so I'll save you my routine speech! The didymos woven wraps are (in my opinion) the best woven wraps for their price. All in all a great value! Specifically, the didymos waves, are a little more forgiving that other woven wraps, and make a great begginner woven! Also, they are cotton, so they are easy to care for (unlike wool wraps) and breathe nicely in the summer! The difference between the woven wraps and the hybrid or stretchy wraps is that although the woven wrap defenitely does have more of a learning curve and is not as forgiving as a stretchy wrap, the woven will distribute and support more weight, will not sag, and will last from newborn to toddlerhood! If you can only afford to make one investment in a wrap, make it a woven!

Riverton, WY


love it


I was always skeptical if a sling was the right thing for me. They are not cheap after all and I was worried that I might not use it often enough for the price. So I decided not to buy one with my first baby. When my second was born, I noticed that multitasking (especially with 2 kids now that both had their needs) was really hard, since baby number two wanted to be carried nonstop. When I put him down, he would start crying. So I decided to give the sling a try and ordered one. And who would have figured...I absolutely love it and at this point (with baby  number 3) could not imagine being without it. I get to have my baby close to me, he is very content and I can still take care of the other kids' needs or take care of chores around the house. And my initial worry, that it would be hot wearing the baby in this sling all the time, did not come true. It is not hot at all, which is probably due to the fact that the material this sling is made of has a very airy feel to it. 

Twentynine Palms, CA


Didymos Waves

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