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Diane Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush

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Too short!


I got one of these to use in the shower because I heard that it feels great; all it did was tangle my hair. So I tried to use it as a standard brush, and the bristles were too short to do anything; the bristles were also very soft, which made it so that I couldn't use it for a "massage" brush. Not recommended.



Massage your scalp in the shower & your hair may grow faster!


***Quick View:*** What's 99 cents and makes you go ahhhh? The Diane Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush. It also makes me go ouch because my long hair gets tangled in it these days.***About the Diane Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush*** This brush comes in an assortment of colors. It is very light and has a finger ring to hold the brush. It's around maybe four inches in diameter. I don't have a tape measure on hand and am eyeballing it but I think that is close. The brush is made to use when washing your hair. It massages the scalp and loosens dead skin, oils, and build up so that it can be washed away. Most people just use their fingers but this brush works better. Usually. The reason I say that is because, up until a few months ago, this was a great shampoo brush for me. As my hair grew and grew and grew... it started tangling in the brush even though I was very careful to only use it on my scalp when my hair was down and not piled on my head. Still, I like the brush anyway. This is a unisex product and actually is great for men. Their usually shorter hair makes using the brush easy and it loosens dirt and grime for a better shampoo. And it feels good too. A guy I know who has one swears it stimulates hair growth. He may be onto something because my hair, which was always very slow growing, has grown like crazy in the past several months - since I started using this shampoo brush. Things that make you go hmm. ***My Viewpoint*** This brush is great. The bristles aren't too hard or too soft. The brush doesn't need to be pushed down hard. Just a little massaging will do the trick. Your hair will be cleaner and free of residue and your scalp will feel tingly. And who knows, maybe it REALLY is a growth stimulator. Can't hurt, right? ***4 stars***. It would be 5 but the tangling of my long hair isn't pleasant.

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Diane Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush

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