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Diamond Pet Foods
Diamond Pet Foods Adult Maintenance Cat Food

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I have been feeding my cats Diamond Feline Maintenance for years. I rarely ever have health problems except for my very old cats. I have several around 18 years old. They absolutely love the food. I have 23 cats which is a fairly decent test group. They range from 2-18 years old healthwise we have very little problems except for the older ones. All love the food. I do an extreme amount of fostering and I have never had a cat dislike it.



Good food for a great price


I used to feed my cats Meow Mix until I had to switch my dog's food to Diamond Naturals and figured I might as well switch the cats to Diamond Naturals as well, they currently are eating the Indoor formula.  While they were eating Meow Mix one of my cat vomited up undigested food on a regular basis and I thought it was just because he was eating too fast but after I switched them over to Diamond the vomiting stopped.  Their coats also improved dramatically, on Meow Mix they had problems with dander but after they were switched to Diamond the dander problem stopped and their coats are now soft and shiny.  Although Diamond isn't the best food currently on the market you can't beat the price.  My only complaint is that Diamond Naturals cat food is a lot harder to find in my area then the dog food.  Overall I would recommend this food to anyone who is look to buy a better food for their cats but can't afford the super premium cat foods.  

Erie, PA


Super premium pet food that's actually affordable


**I buy Diamond pet foods for my dogs and my cats. I love the fact that I can afford a premium food even though I own four dogs and three cats. They have a version called Diamond Naturals that has no corn and a really short list of ingredients without a bunch of unnecessary nasty stuff. My pet's coats look so beautifully shiny and they have been so healthy on this pet food. I highly recommend this food for your cats and your dogs!**

Clovis, NM


Diamond Pet Foods Adult Maintenance Cat Food

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