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Dial for Men
Dial For Men Full Force Ultimate Clean Body Wash

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Keeps my man clean and fresh


This product offers good performance in cleaning and freshening while being one of the least expensive. That said, the product also lasts a long time too. The fresh fragrance lingers nicely, an there isn't a residue left on the skin. It also does a good job as a shampoo, leaving the hair clean without leaving soapy residue.



one of the body washes i use


Although this body wash is supposed to be hydrating, it is actually quite drying if you shower a lot. I take at least 2 short showers during the winter months and 3 during other seasons because I have strong body odors and like to smell clean. Just a small amount of product, about the size of a finger nail will generate a lot of lather using body washing poofs, more product will just dry out your skin, one bottle last a long time.  I've tried old spice high endurance, zest, st ives, johnson johnson, lever 2000, softsoap and dove before but I like this and old spice high endurance best. These two brands does not leave as much residue in the tub and is the winner in terms of scent, hydration and leaving skin feeling clean. Bar soaps always clog the drains in my home and have resulted in expensive repairs for me in the past, so I only use them as hand soap. I would describe the smell of this body wash as soap-like and gender neutral. I think women can also use this body wash despite it being created for men. I've tried using bar soap a couple times when a bottle of this body wash runs out and I think this body wash is more mild than bar soap because my skin itches when I try to switch back to using bar soap.  Maybe it is because with body washes I can control the quantity of chemicals used on my skin.

Chicago, IL


A Body Wash Made with Men in Mind


Body washes are a product I have reluctantly accepted as a cleaner alternative to traditional soap. I'm an open minded person and I'm not necessarily a creature of habit who insists on using his bar of soap. My greatest problem with body wash is the scent. Most of them are either neutral or they have a distinctly feminine smell. But fortunately, there are some body wash products made with men in mind that offer a more masculine aroma. One of them is **Dial for Men Hydrating Body Wash**, a cleansing product for bath or shower.  **Body**** ****Wash**** Commentary:** As mentioned before, I have never been a huge fan of body washes because of the feminine scent that almost all of them have. It isn't surprising that companies make body wash in this manner. The female market is, after all, the largest buyer of body wash products so it makes perfect sense to follow the money and manufacturer products that women like best. But even though the male market is smaller there is still a need for body wash that caters to men and Dial (and a few other companies) has wisely responded to this need by producing body wash products made for this segment of the population. The most memorable quality of this body wash is the scent. It smells nothing like a traditional Dial product so don't buy it expecting that familiar Dial soap scent. This body wash smells exactly like aftershave and the smell is quite noticeable. Even long after you leave the shower, the scent is still there. It isn't as pungent as actual aftershave but people around you will notice the scent. One other interesting thing about Dial for Men Hydrating Body Wash is that it doesn't produce a great amount of lather. This could tempt some consumers to apply more liquid in order to work up a good lather but I would advise to resist the temptation. Trust me when I say that the smell of aftershave is already strong enough with a small amount of liquid. You won't get any cleaner with more lather and the scent could become overbearing. A small dab is all you need. This body wash product rinses squeaky clean and it doesn't dry the skin. But because it smells like aftershave, I think it's safe to say that this is exclusively a men- only body wash product. Women would likely find everything about it acceptable until they get to the scent. It is 100 percent masculine and it would not smell right on anyone but a man. **Bottom Line:** There are no moisturizing beads or any other feminizing qualities with Dial for Men Hydrating Body Wash. It is a masculine product all the way and it has restored my faith in the body wash industry. Most body wash products on the market contain softer scents like fruit and flowers but do I really want my body to smell like a mango covered in rose petals? I think not, and it's nice to know that a company like Dial was smart enough to create a body wash made with men in mind.

Houston, TX


Dial For Men Full Force Ultimate Clean Body Wash

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