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Dial Hand Soap Variety Pack

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Liguid Dial Hand Soaps


**My family and I have been using Dial Antibacterial and other dial product Soaps for a long time now. I/We love the fragrance/s, ability to clean, and how soft it leaves one's hands. Leave the sink every time knowing you have cleaned to perfection. Comes in many fragrances, like Pomegranate, regular, seabreeze, and floral scents too. Most any drugstore or gracery store will have them. If not, ask the Manager to get them in your favorite store today. Go to dial.com and see if they can furnish you information you didn't already know.** **Comes in a variety of ounces and the one we like the most is the one that I keep on our sinks throughout the house, 7.5 ounce plastic bottle with pump. Recycle the bottle by buying the large bottle and refilling the smaller one when empty, as we do. Saves money too. One squirt is usually all a person needs. For tough hand washing, use twice in one setting, for extra cleaning and assurance. I read on another sight, that regular is just as good at fighting the N1 H1 flu as is, antibacterial. Because what the use in the Hospitals for example, is stronger than what we buy in our stores, so as long as you have and keep clean hands, it will help ward off the flu virus/es. **

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Dial Hand Soap Variety Pack

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