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Dial All Day Freshness Tropical Escape Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap

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Even men like to smell like a tropical paradise!


***Quick View: ***I happened to see an eight pack of this soap in my bathroom and my husband said he bought it. He is apparently hooked on the scent and the antibacterial properties of this soap. He also uses the body wash (See review). Weird for a woodsy, outdoorsy guy...***About Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap, Tropical Escape*** This soap in the eight pack is individually wrapped in plain white paper. The soap is square and very light peach, 4.5 ounces each bar. The active antibacterial ingredient is Triclocarban (0.78%), which doesn't mean much to me but it is a plus to have antibacterial properties in any soap. My husband just said he bought it solely based on the scent and that he really likes the soap. After 20 years, I just learned my husband likes tropical scents. I never would have expected that. Ha! The soap lathers well, cleanses well, and rinses off with no residue. I used it several times and it leaves me smelling fragrant but not overwhelmingly so. I like the scent better in the bar soap that the body wash (See Review) of the same name. It seems more realistic and less overwhelming. If I wasn't such a natural soap snob, I think I may use this soap on a regular basis. It doesn't strip my skin or make it dry and it has that great citrus, tropical scent that I adore (and apparently so does my husband. You learn something new every day!). This is great soap if you like tropical scents. The antibacterial properties are a big plus as well. You can never be too germ free. ***My Viewpoint*** This soap is excellent for men and women. It lathers well, smells greats, and rinses clean. I sense we have a new signature soap in the house for the guys and I will use it as well when I am not using my natural soaps. I have to say, the scent of this soap is better than many of my hand made, natural ones! ***5 stars!***

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Dial All Day Freshness Tropical Escape Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap

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