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Diabetic Oxegenated Therapeutic Moisturizer Lotion Neoteric 6 oz

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This Diabetic Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for dry skin!


Are you or someone you know diabetic? Then you may be interested in this Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care Advanced Healing Cream I'm about to tell you about! My step dad is a diabetic which was why I was interested in reviewing this product. One things diabetics encounter is dry and slow healing skin. This advanced healing cream from Neoteric Cosmetics provides exceptional intensive treatment for chronic dry, cracked, damaged skin. TriOxygen is clinically proven to increase circulation and speed healing by strengthening the skin's own natural defenses. A unique blend of therapeutic conditioning agents induce superior deep miniaturization to renew and protect. Formula provides immediate soothing action as it quickly restores the skin to a healthier, soft, smooth texture. This healing cream is basically like a lotion specially formulated for diabetics. It can be applied to your feet, hands, fingertips, elbows, legs and knees. It's made for severely dry, rough and damaged skin which diabetics tend to encounter on a regular basis. From my experience with this cream, it applies easily, smoothly and is non-greasy. This can be used by anyone, not just just diabetics, but it is, as I've been saying, specially formulated for diabetic use. As far as personal experience goes: I applied this as a lotion for reviewing purposes as I am giving this to my step dad to use for his dry skin. My experience was smooth, excellent quality cream. My skin felt smooth and was not sticky. The cream did not feel like a cheap junk as I have experienced with other past creams. There is no odor either. So you do not have to worry about having any overwhelming scent coming from it. Definitely a plus for those with sensitive noses. Overall, I like the product, definitely think it's suitable for my step dads diabetic needs and I will recommend it to other with similar problems, whether diabetic or have super dry, rough skin.


New Orleans, LA


Diabetic Oxegenated Therapeutic Moisturizer Lotion Neoteric 6 oz

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