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DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Frozen Pizza

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Cook it on a Pizzazz and it is crispy


Tried this pizza because it is just the right size for my wife and I. The amount of carbs was also appealing to me. We cooked it for exactly 20 minutes on our pizzazz plus. The pizza was perfect. The crust was perfectly browned and crispy.

Eagle, Idaho


Good flavors, but thin crust isn't great


DiGiorno makes the best rising crust, but this thin crust is not their best work. The crust does not crisp up as much as one would probably hope before it starts to burn. If you have a pizza stone, you should use that to cook it because that will crisp it up a little better. If you do not have a stone, the crust won't crisp that well.



The best frozen pizza out there.


I love these pizza's.  I'm always looking for things are fairly quick to prepare, as we are a very busy family.  My kids love it and they are the pickiest eaters ever.  If it works for them, then it works for me.  Not to mention it has the best taste of all the other frozen pizza's.

Shelburn, IN


Crunchy Crust and Good Toppings


My favorite part of the pizza is the crust.  But so often when you buy frozen pizzas, you lose the crunchy texture of the crust and sacrifice flavor.  Digiorno has solved that problem with their new crispy crust.  You get the convenience of microwaving the pizza, but the crust still comes out crunchy.  It is then covered in a delicious flavored sauce and a generous amount of toppings.  The cheese melts perfectly and blends well with the tomato sauce.  The toppings are huge handfuls, but the best part is the crust.  It is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, with so much flavor.  This pizza is not only great tasting, it is so easy to make.  It is great fresh out of the oven in only about 15 minutes.  So it is quick and convenient and really is good as delivery.  Your whole house will smell of fresh baked dough and you will love the taste.

Las Vegas, NV


DiGiorno got it right with the thin, crispy crust. Very tasty.


I never was a big fan of the self rising crust by DiGiorno. Too much of a good thing. Also, the bread sometimes had kind of a stale smell. I'm real sensitive to bread smells. If you want to know if the bread is past prime, just let me smell it. I can tell you. The sauce on DiGiorno is yummy, and they're generous with toppings. It's always been the crust that I didn't like that much. When DiGiorno came out with a thin, crispy crust, I grabbed a couple. I thought I'd probably love the thinner crust, and I was right. Spot on. The balance of bread to sauce and toppings is just perfect. My boys love the thin, crispy DiGiorno too. But, they're not picky. They'll eat most anything covered in cheese. Now I'm not really supposed to eat stuff like this. So sad. Just when DiGiorno came out with the perfect crust too. Oh well. I did have a bite tonight. Yep. Just as good as I remembered. If you're picky about your frozen pizzas, then try out DiGiorno thin and crispy. It's an excellent frozen pizza.

southern, NC


DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Frozen Pizza

4.4 5