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DiGiorno Pizza

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Digiorno Deep Dish Pizza- Love to eat


We all tried these as a meal and a snack. They are absolutely delicious and filling. We only wish they had more to choose from. The pizzas are very cheesy and the cheese melts in your mouth. The pepperoni is is laid out well on the pizza. Each slice has several pieces. When it is cooking, you can smell the aroma through the house. My family's mouths wather as the smell arrives to their noses. They are easy to make and a nice meal or snack for your family and friends.

Louisville, KY


Like you would get at a Pizza chain, but better!


The crust of this pizza is excellent. The taste is awesome! I beleive it is as good if not better than a lot of pizzas you get at todays chains or independents. It is hard to believe it is even a frozen pizza.

Dearborn, MI


DiGiorno Pizza is the mos t Fab frozen Pizza in the whole world!


I could not wait to try DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza.I cooked mine on the center rack of the oven.I want to tell you.That normally I am not a big lover of frozen pizza .I have to make an exception with this one.One of my favorite pizza places moved out of town,called Uno Chicago.They made there pizza dough from scratch.I am here to tell you here and now that DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza crust tastes the exact same.I could not believe my tatse buds.Yummy to my tummy.I was not dissapointed in the sauce either or topping.To tell you the truth I thought I died and went to Heaven.I would reccomend this to everybody,I fixed 2 each for my husband and myself because they are small.I am telling you that one will fill you up,but it was so good and even though we were full,we could not and would not stop eating this wonderful pizza.If I were you I would head out to the store and buy some DiGirono Deep Dish pizza it comes in Four cheese and pepperoni,grap a good movie while your out .                                                       

Maryville, TN


DiGiorno Deep Dish pizza best yet


I recently tried the DiGiorno deep dish pizza and thought it had the absolute best crust of any frozen pizza I ever had. For once it seemed like this pizza had sufficient sauce also. I hate a pizza that has scrimped on sauce. It seemed to take a little long to bake but it was well woth the wait when I bit into that delicious crust. The cheese was good on this pizza also. At first glance I thought there were not very many slices of pepperoni but as I was eating it, it was plenty for me. I am so picky about pizzas that for many years I did not eat frozen pizza but this one really deserves a place in my freezer.

Wellsville, PA


Good for frozen pizza


I recently received some coupons for the DiGiorno pizza, because I had been selected to host a party featuring their products. Of course, any time I receive free items I get excited and food is always a favorite for me. What can I say, I love to eat! My husband and I went and selected several varieties of the DiGiorno pizzas and were excited to try them at the party. I specifically remember the one I ate having a garlic breat crust, because that was one I had picked. I thought it would make the perfect pairing, and did, in fact, enjoy it. It was not quite as good as I had imagined, though whether the flavor was off or my expectation were too high, I am still not sure. I would actually like to give that one another try and see if I still feel the same way. I also tasted the meat lover's pizza and enjoyed it quite a bit. I believe it had a regular rising crust. I am usually pretty picky about the meat on my pizza, but this one was quite enjoyable.

Lancaster, PA


DiGiorno Pizza

4.8 5