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DiGiorno Pizza & Wyngs Pepperoni Pizza & Buffalo Wyngz

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Digiorno Pizza is great but the Wings are awful


I bought the Digiorno Pizza and Wings because I had a coupon. The wings are breaded boneless chicken nuggets. The box directs you mix the sauce with the nuggets. The sauce tasted awful. And the chicken nuggets are of average quality. They are not wing like in the least. I love their pizza but I will not be buying the pizza and wings again.


Belleville, IL


A good pizza and some decent wyngz makes a complete meal.


I am glad that the buffalo style wyngz came with a pepperoni pizza since my wife will not eat any onther kind of pizza except for pepperoni and I always want to make sure to get something we can share. She does not like anything spicy other than me but because the buffalo sauce is in a packet and not already on the bonless chicken fritters, called wyngz but says contains no wing meat, she could have some of the chicken too. Besides I of course needed to add some ghost pepper hot sauce to the buffalo style sauce to make it more to my liking but it was good taste wise before I added the ghost but had not enough heat for me. I did not follow the regular cooking instructions and the pizza & wyngz came out perfect. I just put both on the same rack while the oven preheated to 425 and when it did I switch it to broil until the top the pizza was nice and brown. The chicken came out perfect. The sauce with ghost pepper hot sauce was perfect for me and me and my wife enjoyed a good meal together, heck we could not even eat it all. It is a good thing pizza tastes good reheated.


Suffolk, VA


DiGiorno Pizza & Wyngs Pepperoni Pizza & Buffalo Wyngz

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