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DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza & Cheesy Breadsticks

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Great tasting pizza!


I wouldn't say this pizza is as good as delivery, but it's the next best thing. It's convenient and cheaper that this pizza comes with breadsticks too. There is a generous amount of meat and cheese on the pizza and breadsticks. I have to buy extra though because this will not feed my family of four.



Digiorno Pizza is great breadsticks not so much.


Digiorno Pizza is great tasting frozen pizza and this pepperoni pizza is no different. I did not like the breadsticks though I thought they tasted to plain. It was just dough and mozzerella cheese or basically a cheese pizza with no sauce. It helps you sprinkle some garlic on them before you cook them or my favortie some fresh sliced hot peppers preferably habaneros but if jalapenos are all I can get at the time them are not too bad either. I think this game with dipping sauce too but it is such a small amount it wont help with the really plain breadsticks. A good deal if on sale because you get the same size digiorno pizza you would by itself but you just get extra breadsticks. If you do not like breadsticks just buy the pizzas without them or you can try one of the other kids they got now with cookies or chicken wings. I can understand the wings but pizza and cookies sounds like something only pregnant women would want and maybe that is who it was made for. I rather get the other pizza that has the garlic breadsticks.

Suffolk, VA


Ok for a quick dinner


This Pizza is just ok. Its frozen pizza nothing to write about. My seven year old kids liked it. The breadsticks were really good In my opinion. The sauce that comes with the breadsticks is horrible. I got a great deal on this pizza and I thought I would try it. Nothing major. I would not buy it again.

Dudley, NC


DiGiorno is my Favorite Pizza


I have always enjoyed the Digiorno frozen pizzas.So when they came out with a pizza and bread stick combination I was so excited.First it saves having to buy your garlic bread or bread sticks seperately.The cost of DiGiornos combonation pizza and breadsticks is also cheaper then when I used to buy everything seperately.They have also included a marinara sauce for dipping that tastes great.The breadsticks have a wonderful flavor that is not loaded down with way to much garlic.They have just enough crispness to them that they hold up for dipping but are in no way crunchy.The pizza itself has a crust that is as good if not better then your popular pizza resturaunts.It rises nicely.If you follow the directions it bakes quite well.So many will burn on the edges while the center remains doughey.Not this one! The sauce has just enough spices and flavor to compliment it .Plenty of pepperoni too - they aren't scimping like so many frozen pizzas.This is definately my new favorite.

Norwalk, OH


DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza & Cheesy Breadsticks is good


 I recently acquired a coupon for DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza and Cheesy Breadsticks. This gave us the perfect opportunity to give it a try. The pizza had plenty of cheese and a fair amount of pepperoni. As for the crust, it wasn't a rising crust which made the pizza less than great. The flavor and texture of the pizza crust is more like the one on the new DiGiorno Pan Pizza. I must say that the Cheesy Breadsticks were awesome. Even the marinara dipping sauce was good but not a must since the breadsticks were good all by themselves. I'd like to see DiGiorno sell the breadsticks by themselves. I'd definitely buy them. The breadsticks were such a hit that I actually had to fight off one of my children for the breadsticks on my plate. In my opinion this product would be unforgettably delicious if the pizza crust was self rising.

Elmendorf, TX


DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza & Cheesy Breadsticks

3.8 5