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Dex Products Secure Sleeper Ultra 3 In 1 Sleep Positioner

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Sleep Positioner - Reccommended


This sleep positioner was something I wish I knew about a very long time ago. My son had projectile vomitting and acid relfex. He had to sleep in his bouncer for the longest time. This product helped with the acid reflex. It does it's purpose. I wouldn't say this is a MUST have, but it is a product that I would look into if your deciding to get a sleep positioner, or trying to prevent flat head, or to help with acid reflex in babies. It's softer, and seems much more comfortable then other sleep positioners on the market. I traded a cheap one for this one, and would never go back. I will buy this product again to use with future children. I also tell friends and family about this product and to buy it if they need a sleep positioner.


North Adams, MA


Comfy Sleep Positioner & Flat head Prevention too


**Ultra Sleep Positioner by Dex**This 3-in-1 sleep positioner is designed to position baby on back as recommended by the Surgeon General. It also elevates the head and chest to help prevent Acid Reflux. The whole thing from top of head to bottom of bottom is made of memory fpoam. Sleeping on it myself, I quite assured Baby willbe having the best sleep possible. The head support is made of Visco-Elastic material specifically designed to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. The memory foam  distributes pressure evenly around baby's delicate head. The Luxouriously soft terry cloth cover is removable for machine washing. This can be used until baby can rollover. There are so many to choose from this days, I personally liked this one because of the head piece which many do not have and the fact that it is memory foam!     


Central City, PA


Dex Products Secure Sleeper Ultra 3 In 1 Sleep Positioner

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