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Dewalt Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

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Difficult to use


I was working for a friend on putting in the heating and cooling system on a new house. Once the framing was in, we needed to cut away pieces of a few two by fours in order to run he ductwork through the walls from one room to another. My friend had one of these reciprocating saws to do the work. I had never used one before, so part of the is from my inexperience, but I found it to be difficult to control and make a clean cut. The saw vibrates so hard in order to move the blade that it is virtually impossible to make a clean cut. The first time I tried it I was reaching up near the ceiling of the room while standing on a ladder, so I couldn't get much weight into controlling the saw. But then we needed to cut holes in the floor to put the vents in. This time I could put my weight over the saw to try to keep it steady and put some force into the cut. It was a little bit easier, but not much. Overall, I found it to be a decent tool for cutting in confined spaces, especially if the cut does not need to be perfect. But overall, I would rather use a circular saw or a handsaw.




Dewalt Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

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