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Desert Essence
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face wash

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The tea tree oil of death face wash: not for sensitive skin.


Although this face wash is marketed for all skin types, be warned that it is simply death to sensitive skin! Thinking this would be a pure, natural product, I tried it out on my face and loved the silky touch it gave to my face the first few times I used it. Then, disaster struck. It soon started stripping my face of all the moisture it had, and turned it into the essence of a desert like the brand's name. If you have sensitive skin, this face wash will dry your skin out and leave it feeling super taut and tight and generally uncomfortable all around. No matter how great tea tree oil is as an ingredient (and I know it's good ingredient, because I've used pure tea tree oil as an antiseptic), it is not something you want to be washing your face with every morning and evening. At first, it feels good, but it quickly starts drying out your face like the harsh winds of a desert. Effectiveness Because it dries out your face so much, effectiveness is kind of out of the question. Ease of Application The consistency is kind of strange...it's like a liquid face wash, and you have to be careful how you squirt it out or you'll end up losing it on the counter. Convenience It's not very convenient to have to be so careful in squiring it out, like I said the previous statement. Side Effects Dries out and irritates your skin. Immediacy At first, it made my skin nice and silky, but then it quickly started irritating it. You have to use it for a while to figure out how (and if) your skin will react.



So refreshing


I love using Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil face wash. I use this face wash every night before bed and it gives my skin a very thorough clean. It leaves my skin feeling completely refreshing and clean. My favorite thing about the Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil face wash is that it is completely natural, so it is healthy and safe to use for your skin. This face wash really clears up your skin very quickly and helps to prevent future breakouts. This product will last you a long time. I have had mine for about 8 months, and I am just starting to run low. Desert Essence is a great product line and has plenty of other tea tree oil products that will be great to use for your skin.

Rockville Centre, NY


Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face wash

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