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Dermitage Dark Circle Eye Creme

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Dermitage under eye repair is not all it's cracked up to be


I purchased the Dermitage system online, with the 30 day money back gaurantee I thought I had nothing to lose by trying it. I recieved the product and I was excited to start the system. The system was easy enough to use. It was easily incorporated into my daily facial routine. After application I did feel a tingling sensation for a short time. The product is easily and quickly applied. However, I used it as described for the twenty days and I saw no improvement. I then went to return the product as instructed for a full money back guarantee. I found out it was going to cost me more to send the product back, with all the restocking and postage fees it was easier to pay the reduced price and keep the product that I had already recieved.  Since I was almost forced to keep the product, I continued to use the rest of it as instructed. even after using the entire contents, I still saw no visible changes under the eyes or lines around the mouth and eyes. In conlclusion this product did not work for me. I can not say that it will not work for anyone else, I just don't feel this product was worth the time or the money in my case.


Bailey, CO


Ease Dark Circles under your eyes


**Demitage Dark circle eye creme is a light creme that is applyed to the under eye twice a day to help eliminate the appeances of dark circles under the eyes that can make you look tired and run down.** **Demitage Dark Circle Creme is a light silkie smooth Creme you light pat underneath both eyes twice aday until it is totally absorded in to the skin.** **I Started using Demitage Dark Circle creme 2 months ago for verydark cirlces under my eyes.  I love the way the crme actually feelingson my fingers it is a very light smooth creme that doesn't leave a greasy or oily residue and it doesn't run in to the eyes.  The creme drys very quicky and never feels heavy or sticky.  After just about a week I saw a large differants in the appearances of dark circles.  My eyes looked healthyer and brighter and I have to use much less makeup than I have had to to cover up the dark circles**. **In the past I usually did not like using any kind of eye creme because Ihate that feeling that myeyeis all sticky oily or forget that I had put the eye creme onand rub my eye and the pain and stinging.  But I got a free smaple of Demitage Dark circle Eye creme and figured what the heck it is free but after Iused it Iwas in love.  Not only did the dark circles start to disapear but the creme is absorbed into the skin quickly and there wasno uncomfortable sticky or oily feeling. And it works**!!!!!


Quincy, CA


Dermitage Dark Circle Eye Creme

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