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Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser for Face and Eyes

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ultra calming


This product is great for people with sensitive skin and for people who have rosacea . This product is also nice because it doesnt strip your skin. It is made to calm the skin. This can be good for every skin type, but especially for sensitive skin. This product helps diminish and repair skin irritation and inflammation. Effectiveness Cleaner that is light and effective without being too harsh. the product cleanses the skin while also calming it down. Skin can become irritated and red and inflamed, this cleanser can help diminish all of those symptoms instead of just added to the irritation. Ease of Application Application is pretty straight forward along with all cleansers. Easy to apply and the bottle also has instructions. The products will always work better with clean, purified water. ( just an extra tid bit). Scent Has no scent. No worry for allergic reactions. still smell clean, even though there's no scent




My Rosacia has disappeared with this product!


I have been on medication and many different skin care regimes over 12 yrs to help with my rosacia and acne. I tried this line from Dermalogica at the urging of my friends daughter who is a pro and only uses Dermalogica and within 3 months my skin issues are gone. Now I am shocked still 2 yrs later when people accuse me of lying because I am 42 yrs old and my skin looks as good as my 21 yr old daughters. Dermalogica is a miracle product line and I love it! I would go without food before going without this product!


Groveland, MA




dermalogica is a wonderful brand...i bought some after I had a facial and used it morning and night ---goodbye zits! hello beautiful skin! great product.. LOVE LOVE LOVE...I bought it (which was a little pricy for me but oh so worth it) and I used it for an entire year..problem was the spa closed so I had to order off of the internet which was fine but it is hard to find


Cleveland, MS


Expensive but worth it


Okay, so Dermalogica may cost more than other products, but in my experience, it's been worth it.  I have freakish skin that is both dry and oily at the same time--so, if I use products for oily skin, my skin starts to burn (well, not literally, but it feels like it's burning!) and flake off, but if I use products for dry skin, I break out like crazy.  What's a girl to do?! That said, I really like this cleaner.  It smells nice--not perfumey, not quite medicinal, just pleasant.  My skin feels really smooth and clean after rinsing it off--there's no residue left behind, as some cleansers for sensitive skin tend to have.  The biggest test for any cleaner, for me, is how my skin feels when it dries off--does it feel tight and painful?  Or does it feel greasy?  Dermalogica doesn't cause either reaction--instead, my skin just feels normal.  I moisturize, put on make-up, and I'm ready to conquer the world. 


Middleton, WI


I love a clean face


Most people survey stated they spend onlyh 14 seconds washing their face. I can't imagine that all the times you touch your face, lean on your chin, rub your eyes, touch your hair, etc. that people spend such little time on the one thing people look at all day, YOUR FACE! Dermalogica is one of my favorite product line. I have everything in their line. The Ultra calming cleanser is great for those who are acne prone, have eczema, or red sensitive areas. I like it cause it is gentle, yet effective as a cleanser. You start out with a little on your hand, apply to a wet, rinsed in warm water face, and make little circles from your chin to your forehead. Then after 1-2 mins of cleansing, wash with warm water. It leaves your skin, cleansed, and does not irritate the skin. Dermalogical product line is very pricey...I always buy the largest bottle and use it daily, and it lasts a long time. One pump in morning, one pump in night and the bottle lasts for a long time. Your face is worth the price isn't it?


Hammonton, NJ


Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser for Face and Eyes

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