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DermaDoctor Poetry in Lotion

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Irritated my sensitive skin


This serum is billed as suitable for even the most sensitive skin types because of the soothing botanicals added and the fairly low concentration of retinols in the serum, so I was hopeful that it would be the retinol I could finally use for my fine lines and mild sun damage.  However, it did severely irritate my skin, even though I used it very sparingly, waited at least 20 minutes after washing to apply it, and started using it only every third night, once a day only.  I wasn't using any other type of acne or anti-aging product at the time, just a mild moisturizing cleanser, and moisturizer in the mornings after washing.  I was also careful to stay out of the sun while I was using the serum. Unfortunately, within two weeks I was red and blotchy, with flaky peeling skin, and so I had to stop using it. Obviously in that short amount of time i can't report on any effects on either acne or fine lines. .

Saint Louis, MO


DermaDoctor Poetry in Lotion

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