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DermaDoctor Calm, Cool & Corrected Anti Redness Tranqulity Cream

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DERMAdoctor Calm Cool & Corrected Cream helps alot.


I tend to have super sensitive skin.Some times the skin on my face breaks out in hives and itches real bad for no apparent reason.I have had my face break out in this rash at some of the most inopportune times.If you can believe it this rash even appeared when I was having family portraits taken.I have tried a few things to calm this condition and I found a few things that have helped me out with this problem.One thing that helps alot is a cream my mother gave me called DERMAdoctor Calm Cool & Corrected Anti Redness Tranquility Cream.I really love this cream it helps to calm my my face down when I get hives and a rash on my face.Often times I would find  creams that were supposed to soothe my face and calm  redness only aggravated my face more.Another great thing I almost forgot to mention is that it also soften skin so that is a plus.This cream has really helped me out.I would tell anyone to try it.I hope it helps everyone like it did me..

Xenia, OH


Derma Doctor Calm, Cool & Corrected is effective and fast acting


**DermaDoctor Calm, Cool & Corrected Anti Redness Tranqulity Cream 1.7 oz does what it says.  It absorbs quickly and reduces any visable signs of redness usually associated with rosacea.  I started using it awhile back and have noticed that since starting that my redness disapears.  It is fast absorbing, effective, and very easy to apply.  I highly recommend it to anyone with rosacea problems.**

Arnold, MO


DermaDoctor Calm, Cool & Corrected Anti Redness Tranqulity Cream

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