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Derma Topix
Derma Topix Benzaderm Gel 10%

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Best product for acne pimples


I will soon be 51 years old and I still have very oily skin with acne. My former dermatologist once told me that he didn't have another patient with as much oil in their skin. I used all the products my doctor recommended and they worked well. However, after being laid off my job, I couldn't afford a dermatologist anymore. I lost my insurance and couldn't buy prescription products either. So, I got busy searching the Internet for similar over-the-counter products as my prescriptions. I found Derma Topix products at less than one third of my prescriptions. I have to say that I like them EVEN BETTER than the prescription products I was using. The best product for drying up acne fast is the Derma Topix Benzaderm Gel 10%. I can put it on a pimple as soon as I feel it coming up and, in most cases, the pimple will never come up. I recently gave this product to my twenty-six year old daughter who also has acne. She is hooked! She ordered several tubes for her own use. There is also a weaker gel (5%) for those who don't need as strong a product.

Mauldin, SC


Derma Topix Benzaderm Gel 10%

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