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Deplin Depression Medicine

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Folate Supplement that Helps


Deplin is special as its by prescription only, but is also actually a synthetic supplement (a form of folate that can pass the blood brain barrier) which makes it more natural and yet a little more expensive at the same time depending upon your prescription drug coverage. It builds up in your system over time, as many depression medications do, and honestly its hard to tell if it makes a huge difference but when I run out and go off of it, I always think to myself- it really did make a difference! And so I go and refill it and resume taking it...(sound familiar??) It turns out that there is a genetic mutation in the enzyme which converts folate that you eat into the form of folate(I forget the chemical break down name) that is able to get to your brain; your doctor/psychiatrist can actually do bloodwork which determines whether you have this mutation or not. Depending upon your results, you can know for sure that about only 30% of the folate you intake actually gets to your brain! Finding out I had this mutation did motivate me to take this medication/supplement in addition to my Cymbalta.

Madison, AL


This medical food supplement can help your depression med work


I have had depression for many years .  About six years ago I became ill and diagnosed with Meniers disease .  When this happened my depression depend as my balance disorder got worse .  I was switched to cymbalta from  a different medication that really wasnt working .  This was a great move for me . Once the correct dosage of cymbalta was established in my body , I really felt the difference in my day to day mood.  It was coupled with several other medications - a mood stabilizer - a depression med and several others which have to do specifically with my disability . Deplin was added to my medical food supplement  that is specifically prescribed to help your anti depressent work better - it is a certian type of folic acid that helps the anti depressent absorb.  This has made a large difference in how I am able to lead more of a normal life   Speak with your doctor and see if it right for you    

Danbury, CT


Deplin Depression Medicine

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