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Depend Adjustable Underwear

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Depend Adult Diapers: Uncomfortable and Unreliable


When I was transferred from the hospital to a long term care facility I had a catheter in because of the Lasix I was on. When my urine output became more manageable I asked to have the catheter removed; I was still having issues getting to the potty chair because I had to wait for a nurse or aide to help me (per the facilities rules). That was when they said I needed to wear an "absorbent undergarment" or in other words, an adult diaper. Nothing can really prepare you to hear that or to have someone slide one under you and fasten the tabs on the side. Once you are in one of these, good luck trying to get yourself out without having scissors handy. The material on the inside of the diaper bunches up and clumps even if it is completely dry. It is completely conspicuous when you have clothes on because you see every clump and bulge of the absorbent material that's supposed to be even and flat. I never really had a complete urine release when wearing one of these; they were used to help with leaks and when I couldn't get to the potty chair in time.




Depends Fitted Briefts Maximum Protection


I must say that I buy theses for my husband, since he has cancer, and is recovering now. He is very happy using these, since for now he needs them. We are hoping that this will only be for a short time, but for now, they work very well. I'm happy that they do not leak at all. If they did, I would be washing the bed sheets and blankets all the time, and I would not be very happy at all. I had him try other kinds of briefs, because I find that these do cost more than the others brands. Once you try the other brands, and they leak, or you can tell that he is wearing brief protection, that just won't do. Since right now, he just doesn't feel like the strong man that he is. So in order for this to work for him, I have to be sure I give him the right product. He wants to be sure that he gets the right fit, but also the right protection that he needs and wants. So if you need to wear these kind of briefs, and you want to be sure that there are no leaks, I feel you will be very happy using Depends.


Kenosha, WI


Depend Adjustable Underwear

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