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NEVER will buy from Denver Mattress again!


This is the primary bed for my husband and me. It was a replacement for a mattress purchased previously at Denver Mattress. Our previous mattress developed cavities in it during the warranty period and we replaced it with the Telluride which I was told was the company's best mattress. The difference we paid for it was more than 2 times what we paid for the first one, but we wanted a good mattress. It has been very disappointing. After the first year, it was becoming very uncomfortable with indentions in it. It has gotten worse to the point that it is extremely uncomfortable, we are forced to lay in the indentions and we are both experiencing back problems. After we purchased the mattress, we were told this mattress would not have a 10 year warranty because it was a replacement for our original mattress. Apparently they knew it would not hold up for any length of time. I will never make another purchase from Denver Mattress or Furniture Row for that matter.


Purchased at Joplin, MO


Do not buy from Denver Mattress


We purchased the Telluride Plush from the Joplin store and after a few months my husband and I began to notice that we were rolling to the middle. We called to inquire about this and wanted to get a different mattress. The manager (who sold it to us) came to our house and looked under the bed and said we needed to a frame that has a center leg. She said it like it was something we should have known and did not offer to give us one or even sell us one. So, a little time went by and we, being not so thrilled with Denver Mattress, tried to find this frame at a different store to no avail. So we then went to Denver Mattress to purchase one. We were told by the manager to elevate the center support some because it would need to be able to adjust to carpeting. So that is what we did. Several months go by and we are still sinking to the middle. We both begin to have back problems. We call and talk to the assistant manager who says that shouldn't be happening. The manager comes out to our house again and says that the elevation broke the box frames! She says she can SELL us a new box frames. Doesn't offer to give them to us. We talked to a regional manager who says they will give one to us for free. They come out to deliver it and can't get it up the stairs! Finally, the regional manager offers to give us a split box frame which doesn't even require a center support. That's what we should have had all along. CRAZY! This entire process took three years, by the way. Before it was all said and done we bought a Select Comfort mattress which we love. We have kept the Telluride mattress set, because we would feel dishonest selling it to anyone else. My son likes it okay now that the problem is somewhat fixed, but even the regional manager says it is too soft of a mattress for him.  


Webb City, MO


Don't Buy Denver Mattress Telluride Plush Mattress


We were shopping for a king size bed, so we decided to go to Denver Mattress.  The Telluride Plush felt really comfy the first and second nights we had it.  On the third night I noticed body impressions forming on my side.  I am about 200lbs and 6' 1".  My fiancée and I switched sides and within 2 days the body impressions were on the other side too!  There was a big hump in the middle. So, all of the plush layers will compact and leave body impressions.  This makes for an uneven sleeping surface, and I can't sleep well on an uneven sleeping surface.  We rotated it 180 degrees and 90 degrees, but it is still really uncomfortable. We took it back with the 30 day comfort gaurentee (the sales people were really kind dealing with us) and she ended up recommending a firm Simmons Beautyrest.   


Gillette, WY


Its a pretty comfortable mattress.


This matress is quite soft and it was advertised to have a new spring system in it. The springs move sideways when pressed down upon, so that you won't have any dips in the mattress over a period of time. If you find that there are dips in the mattress all you have to do is flip it over twice and the impressions are gone. However if you are like me and you have a king sized matress, this is easier said than done. It is heavy and even with two people lifting it is a big job to flip it over. It was reasonably priced, and that was part of the selling point for me. I have had this mattress for two years, and even with the flipping and turning, there are still dips left in it. I contacted the company and they told me that there should be no dips in it and when they looked and saw for themselves, they offered to replace it. I said ok, but then when they came to pick it up, they tried to say it had stains on it and that violated that mattress protection. So now I am stuck with this mattress. The dips are terrible yet, but its only been two years and I only weigh around 125 pounds. So if me sleeping on it each night puts that big a dip in it that I can't get it out, what about heavier people?


Fort Knox, KY


Oh my....what a great night's sleep!


I wouldn't take anything for my Telluride Plush mattress from Denver Mattress company. For years I have had back pain. Nothing has helped. The chiropractor has cracked and xrayed, I have taken medicine, bought a back genie, everything. To no end my back was killing me. I couldn't stand for long periods of time without excruitating pain. Having decided to go from a full size bed to a king, we had to purchase a new mattress. We finally decided on the Telluride. Though my husband was a bit apprehensive about the price, it was worth every penny. It is firm, yet the pillowtop is soft. My husband can get out of bed in the middle of the night and it doesn't wake me. Plus my back is great. I feel like I am 20 again. I am no longer aware of my back at all times. I don't dread bending down, it is great! I highly recommend purchasing one of these mattresses. Plus if you like a tall bed, this one is for you. I don't have to have a stool or anything like that but it is definetly tall. I feel like a queen!


Carmi, IL


Denver Mattress Telluride Plush Mattress

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