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Denver Mattress
Denver Mattress MountainAir Memory Foam Mattress

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No more backache


This mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. It feels very firm but yet it isn't hard when you lie down on it. I used to wake up with a backache in the mornings but that doesn't Happen anymore. The only complaint I have is that many of the sheets I have don't fit well because the pockets are too deep.



Great mattress company USUALLY


Don't get me wrong we still ending up buying a Denver mattress, but not before we tried the air mattress from h e double hockey sticks. After thirteen years with our old mattress and waking up everyday with a stiff back. My husband and I decided it was time for a new mattress. In no hurry we shopped around and compared prices, gaurantees, and in home trails, extensively. After much hub bub we decide on this one due to the fact of the extreme differences between my husband and I. Such as height, he's 6'5" and I'm 5'5", he's also thinner then I am. He likes sleeping on a bed of soggy cornflakes, I like some support. This bed is designed with two separate chambers for that reason,they are adjusted by an air pump located under the bed. The first night on it I slept less then an hour and a half. Convinced that my bed was deflating as I slept. Upon a restless night sleep on the couch. I awoke the next morning and made my reluctant husband check to make sure all the hoses were snapped tightly together. The next night was a repeat, except now my 6'5" husband had decided the three chambers (head, midsection, and feet) had been constructed for people of a shorter stature. So I called Denver Mattress for suggestions. They said give it a week to adjust to the new bed and if your still not happy bring it back. After a week of little to no sleep on the couch, we returned the bed,and picked a different Denver Mattress. Happy with the new one, sad that it wasn't the one we picked in the first place. Denver Mattress did call to tell me my side did have a leak after all, one of the hoses fittings was missing a gasket.

Idaho Falls, ID


Denver Mattress MountainAir Memory Foam Mattress

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