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Dentyne Ice Artic Chill Split2Fit Sugar Free Gum

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Great Flavors in a Convienent Package


I received a free sample of the new Split2Fit packaging from Dentyne Gum through BzzAgent. The split packs make these perfect for sharing, which is great because people often ask me if I have some gum. I also like that I can purchase one pack and keep half in the car and half in my purse! As far as the flavors, the Spearmint and Peppermint are refreshing classic flavors but the Arctic Chill is my favorite, cool and minty with just a hint of vanilla! The flavor does last a good amount of time as you chew, when you first bite into the gum it has a pleasing crunch with a burst of flavor that mellows as you chew. The consistency is nice, not too rubbery or tough after chewing for a while (it does get tougher if you chew one piece for longer than an hour or two.) These flavors also do a nice job a freshening your breath. The only downside is that I wish the amount was a little larger per piece but since there are 16 pieces (8 per split) I can just have two pieces at once. Overall, I think Dentyne Split2Fit is a great gum and I will purchase it in the future.

Schofield, WI


Dentyne Ice Artic Chill Split2Fit Sugar Free Gum

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