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DensArmor Plus Paperless Drywall
DensArmor Plus Paperless Drywall Paperless Drywall

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Low strenght, it cracks easily


To whom it may concern Please be advised that DensArmor Plus drywall, despite the advertisement, it is very low quality product. The thin fiberglass mesh doesn't give to the board enough strength, as a result the corners and margins crack when installing the screws. Even the simple manipulation can easily damage the corners and margins of the drywall and it has nothing from the resistance of the normal paper drywall. I paid significantly more money for this DensArmor Plus drywall and I really feel sory for may money. Andrei Toronto, Canada



A great drywall alternative if you home has mold and mildew.


Georgia Pacific(GP)  has introduced a mold resistant drywall that is paperless.  Mold attacks paper, and by eliminating the paper, GP can offer a three-month replacement warranty after it has been installed.  Although it isn't cheap, anyone who has interior walls susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms and basements, will find the added cost worth the investment.  The secret behind the product appears to be the glass mat surface that makes up both the front and back of this gypsum. Like all sheet rock,  DensArmor Plus Paperless Drywall comes in 4' X 8' sheets and cuts, scores, fastens, and installs exactly like paper based sheet rock.   When installed, you can paper, texture, or paint over its surface. Don't confuse mold resistant with mold proof.  DensArmor Plus Paperless Drywall is not mold proof and cannot be used on exterior surfaces.  But if you have an interior bath or basement, it is possibly the best product on the market for a do-it-yourselfer.

Hutchinson, KS


DensArmor Plus Paperless Drywall Paperless Drywall

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