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Deni Deni 6200 Commercial Ice Crusher

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My Deni ice crusher makes serving drinks easy!


If you like to serve drinks over crushed ice, you'll love the Deni ice crusher! Before I got one, I used a manual ice crusher. You place one cube between the jaws of the tool, and it crushes the ice into small pieces. This was better than nothing, but slow. And the pieces were of varying sizes. With the Deni ice crusher, you can put in several ice cubes, and it crushes them up in a matter of a minute or two into small pieces all of similar size. It's great when you're serving guests, because you don't have to wait for the ice. I have also used it to prepare ice for placing under dips that I want to keep cool. The crushed ice looks so much more attractive than a bed of ice cubes. Of course, the crushed ice melts faster than ice cubes.


Wheaton, IL


Deni Deni 6200 Commercial Ice Crusher

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