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Deni 7550 Rice Cooker

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Not Durable


When I was on Weight Watchers everyone suggested that I get a food steamer to steam my food so I wouldn't rack up any unnecessary points with extra cooking oils, etc. I found this Deni 7550 on sale and picked one up. I liked that it had three levels to cook things in and that it had a digital timer. However, it just was not very durable. Within a month or so of using it almost daily it just up and quit working with no warning midway through my dinner. I went to check on it and everything was just cold. I also wasn't impressed that while this did work it wasn't great at making rice. It did a great job with vegetables but rice was just not happening. I tried it several times and it just didn't cook the rice all the way through. It left it almost hard and I had to throw it out. So, while this was promising and did work well for veggies it just didn't cook rice or last very long. I really cannot recommend it.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Deni 7550 Rice Cooker

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